Optimize DC power supply – with heavy-duty rectifier systems

Heavy duty rectifier applications

With nearly

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  • of experience in designing electrowinning systems that fit perfectly to your technological process.

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SIPOREC – Heavy-duty rectifier systems

Your electrochemical plant processes

Highest availability and supply quality are essential in the provision of electrical power to electrochemical processes. With nearly 50 years of experience in the field of SIPOREC – Heavy-duty rectifier systems, we have the know-how to design system configurations that fit perfectly to your technological process. Along with delivery and commissioning of state-of-the-art systems, we offer comprehensive services that cover the complete lifecycle of your plant.

Building up reliability-optimized rectifier stations

Optimized availability and high quality for the DC power supply of electrochemical plant processes

From the electrochemical purification of copper and zinc and further applications like aluminum production to electrolytic production of e.g. chlorine gas, we can offer you a complete spectrum of solutions, products, and services for the modernization or expansion of systems supplying direct current to your electrochemical plant processes:

  • Power feeding and distribution
  • Industrial transformers
  • Heavy-duty rectifiers including control and protection systems
  • On-site maintenance, troubleshooting, and optimization of rectifier stations
  • Siemens Remote Support SRS via Internet (VPN) or telephone line (preferred ISDN)

Our well-proven system concepts have been optimized for applications with medium to high power requirements.


Your benefits

  • High-performance solutions thanks to the use of closely compatible components
  • Optimized system availability due to compliance with the strictest production and quality standards
  • Comprehensive lifecycle services secure the reliability of the system in the long term
  • Investment security due to including modern components and systems technology that is well proven in various industries

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