Grinding to the core – with pinion mill drives

Horizontal mill pinion drives

SIMINE Pinion mill drives offer up to

0 megawatt
  • and are available with even higher power upon request.

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SIMINE Pinion mill drives

Meeting every grinding challenge

Accurate speed control is essential to complete the grinding process and produce materials that are properly sized. SIMINE Pinion mill drives are optimally and specifically sized and constructed to improve speed control and operational efficiency, while also reducing maintenance and energy costs.

Reliable and efficient drive solutions

Made for optimal grinding

Pinion mill drives are widely used in the mining industry to grind materials to a requested size. If the equipment is operating at optimum efficiency, this has positive impact on production and operating economics. Drive solutions are needed for speed and torque control. Among the resulting operational benefits, longer maintenance intervals and lower energy costs are the most important. Mining companies need drive solutions that improve speed control, lengthen maintenance intervals, and lower energy costs.

Your benefits

  • Up to 24 MW of power (higher power upon request)
  • Smooth mill start to minimize wear of the whole drive train
  • High flexibility and availability at low budget
  • Availability of "Frozen Charge Detection"
  • Excellent load sharing for twin drive systems to reduce wear & tear
  • Water-free solution to preserve valuable water resources
  • Suitable for installation up to 5,000 m elevation

Products for SIMINE Pionion mill drives

Siemens provides high-speed drives as well as low-speed drives. Our high-speed drive solutions provide operational flexibility and full modularity. The power ranges from 100 kW to 24 MW. Our low-speed drives reduce wear and help cut energy costs by up to 5%. Offered up to 24 MW, the variable speed of low-speed drives provides optimized start, stop, inching, and creeping procedures to reduce downtime for liner maintenance.


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