Continuous manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Win the race for higher productivity in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Less deviations in production, higher yields, shorter time to market and more profitable processes with lower costs for operation, equipment, and investment are the key factors for outpacing competition in the pharmaceutical industry. With our solutions for continuous manufacturing, you can pave the way to higher productivity.

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Continuous manufacturing

Catch up on continuous manufacturing

Continuous manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry offers substantial benefits - so substantial, in fact, that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actively promotes the development and introduction of continuous process concepts in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Here's how.
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Outpace competition with real-time product release

Our systems for continuous manufacturing have been developed in close collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies and OEMs and have already applied in several facilities across the globe. With our advanced digital solutions, companies can achieve real-time release of products and continuous improvements through a data-drive process - fully compliant with regulations and guidelines.

Shorter time-to-market with process analytical technology

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers are already converting their processes to adopt continuous production: Active ingredients are produced in compact, closed units, with a higher degree of automation and fewer manual interventions, and production steps that were performed sequentially in a classic batch process are integrated in a continuous process. Continuous production literally makes classic batch processes look outdated: the utilization of assets increases by 30% to 40%, and a product that previously took one or even two months in production is finished after two days.

Continuous manufacturing - manufacturing right first time

The use of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) provides the technological basis for Continuous Manufacturing. PAT can be used to determine the clinical efficacy of an active ingredient by direct in-process gathering of quality data online. Our PAT solution SIMATIC SIPAT is widely considered one of the most advanced PAT software solutions in the industry, and enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to increase their system capacity utilization by one-third and reduce production costs by 10-20 percent after just a short time.

SIMATIC SIPAT – all PAT tools on a single platform

SIMATIC SIPAT provides an integrated data management platform for all the PAT tools that are necessary for continuous manufacturing. With SIPAT, you can orchestrate feed-forward, feed-backward controls over the different unit operations in the whole line. This enables a sound understanding of processes and real-time release of products based on process data.

Utilization of assets increases by 30% to 40%, production costs can be cut by up to 20 %. A product that previously took one or even two months in production is finished after two days.
Continuous manufacturing – moving towards real-time release

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Continuous manufacturing case studies

Winning the race with leading technology

Using our expertise and our broad portfolio of aligned systems and solutions for continuous manufacturing, many companies have already successfully implemented continuous manufacturing in their processes and plants, achieving multiple benefits that will help them stay ahead of the pack - with proven digital solutions for data and process integration.


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