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Pharmaceutical Research & Development Solutions

Faster from the lab to trials to market: With a set of aligned solutions, you can streamline your drug research and development processes.

It  takes years to discover a new drug. The preclinical phase which and afterwards the clinical phase which might last for up to 12 years and maybe more it's now time to focus on how to improve your efficiency in your research and development processes. No more laborious tracking of lab tests and results, no more trial and error approaches to recipe and process design, no more time-consuming compilation of data for records and documentation. Utilize the latest digital solutions to enable seamless transition of lab data and recipes to production by integrating R&D with process and product development.

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Solutions for R&D

Small scale, huge impact

With our perfectly aligned set of solutions, you can make sure your drug development processes work together as a team to win the race in bringing new treatments to the market. 

Speeding up process and product design

The pharmaceutical industry has always been subject to stringent monitoring and regulations – but in recent years, the pressure from the authorities as well as a shift in market requirements has led to significant changes in the way new drugs are being developed and produced. Both the approval of the new drug and the manufacturing process need to be developed in parallel, and the production equipment must be flexible enough to produce changing amounts of one product or several different products or, ideally, both. Co-evolving drugs and the manufacturing processes also helps shorten the time-to-market, as larger amounts of drugs can be made earlier and the experience gained from the small-scale process can be more easily scaled up to meet commercial production requirements. We help you integrate the various sources of data along the critical stages of pre-clinical testing from clinical trials to industrialization.

Solutions for R&D

Set the pace with efficient R&D and recipe transformation

Learn more on how you can benefit from our integrated digital solutions for R&D and recipe transformation to bring your new drugs faster to the market.

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