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Digital solutions for the water industry. Go easy on resources, optimize energy consumption, avoid water losses, prevent flooding, perform predictive servicing and maintenance … there are many challenges facing the water industry. And they will only increase with the trend toward urbanization and the transition to a new energy mix. Digital solutions can play a major role in staying on top of these demands and guaranteeing a reliable security of supply.
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From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

Data for the entire lifecycle

The water industry of the future will be smart and energy-efficient. Networked, intelligent systems will help make better use of energy, avoid unnecessary water losses and minimize the consumption of resources. In addition to automation and drive technology, the key components of Water 4.0 are software solutions for Smart Water. These help generate relevant data for the water industry and make it available and also offer fact-based data analysis – throughout the entire lifecycle of the system.

End-to-end networking

The intelligent linking of data from different sources, such as sensors, water meters or weather data, creates new opportunities for more efficient use of water in industry, agriculture and in municipal utilities, thus supporting sustainability. A precondition is the end-to-end networking of system engineering from commissioning through operation, maintenance, and ongoing process optimization based on a data platform. We’re there to help along the way – with solutions for Integrated Engineering and Integrated Operations throughout the entire lifecycle of your plant.

Integrated engineering makes processes transparent

Global competition, dynamic market requirements, eco-friendliness, and legislative regulations: plant engineering is facing increasing international competitive pressure. System planners and operators – including those in the water and wastewater industries – face questions like: How can I make my engineering more economical and faster, while improving the design quality? And how can I simplify the sequences and processes involved? The standardized data platform for the COMOS Plant Engineering Software lets you benefit from a comprehensive flow of information and project-relevant data across all company levels and phases of the project, from process engineering to automation. Data from COMOS can be transferred to the SINAMIC PCS 7 distributed control system easily and without errors. At the press of a button, the entire plant structure is generated in the distributed control system from the engineering data, or the plant data can be made available in the engineering system in real time. This saves vital time in engineering the automation system.

More efficient commissioning and operation

Whereas system performance used to be tested using prototypes, software tools for simulation are now being increasingly used. System performance can be simulated prior to completion, and errors can be identified and rectified at an early stage. Our SIMIT simulation software enables real-time simulation and emulation so components and automation solutions can be comprehensively checked. This makes the task of virtual commissioning both flexible and straightforward. The SIMIT simulation software also enables you to arrange secure, efficient training sessions in a virtual environment (i.e. using the Operator Training System).

Realistic virtual representation of plants

The powerful 3D visualization software COMOS Walkinside uses 3D engineering data to create a realistic representation of highly complex plant models. Your benefits: maximum efficiency in planning and monitoring, operator training, forward planning, and the simulation and execution of service and maintenance work. MindSphere, the open cloud platform from Siemens, is also opening up new opportunities. The platform lays the foundation for applications and data-based services, including those from third-party suppliers, such as predictive maintenance, energy data management, and resource optimization.

SIWA water management

Processes in flux

To ensure optimized operations, you need to control and manage your plant and infrastructure in the water and wastewater industry intelligently. Our smart response is the SIWA water management system, a modular solution for pipelines, drinking water and wastewater networks. This smart water solution includes software modules that can be flexibly combined with each other. Depending on the requirement, they will help optimize processes, identify and locate leaks and dynamically simulate pipeline systems. The benefits are obvious - in addition to improved security of supply, you can reduce energy consumption and thus your costs as a system operator.
Making intelligent use of data

Covering the entire lifecycle

Systematic monitoring of plant components means you can extend their service life, avoid unscheduled downtimes, and significantly improve plant availability as a result. Protecting industrial plant against cyber attacks also plays an important part in this regard. We offer you a broad portfolio of products and services in the form of Industrial Security, which comprises both system and network security and system integrity. Through XHQ, you have a single coherent view of information, enabling a variety of solutions in real-time performance management and decision support. XHQ Operations Intelligence product line aggregates, relates and presents operational and business data in real-time to improve enterprise performance.

Thinking security to ensure plant operation

More and more often, Ethernet connections extend all the way to the field level. This offers many advantages for plant automation. At the same time, however, production processes that were secure in the past are now open to attack from both the outside and inside. Only an approach that integrates or includes security mechanisms with a comprehensive understanding of automation can provide reliable protection. Siemens supports you in implementing the necessary measures – as part of our integrated range of products and services for industrial security.

Certainty in decision-making with XHQ

The XHQ Operations Intelligence Platform forms the basis for continuous optimization. It is used to display operating sequences in the water industry in real time, and thus forms the basis for solid decision-making, and helps you improve performance and curb operating costs by up to 8 percent.

Digital Services

Targeted use of data

Whether it’s the online monitoring of remote parts of a plant, predictive servicing and maintenance, energy data management, or resource planning – digital services are growing in importance. Fact-based decisions can be made based on data from the process, thereby increasing plant reliability and, thus, productivity.

The global water industry is growing more digital

Digitalization of the water industry offers huge potential for even more efficient use of resources while improving security of supply. We provide the right digital solutions for the job.