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Energy Efficiency: economic performance

Energy Efficiency: balancing comfort, building performance and sustainability

Buildings represent 40 percent of primary energy use globally, and energy consumption in buildings is projected to rise sustainably. At the same time increasing resource scarcity, legal risks, and growing operating costs as well as different requirements from different users, are just some of the challenges that need to be taken into consideration when thinking about energy efficiency and sustainable buildings.

With systematic approaches adapted to the lifecycle of your building supported by services, products, and technologies, we help turn your building into a perfect place that is energy efficient without compromising on comfort or tenant satisfaction. You will benefit from improved OPEX efficiency that frees up funds for investments in smart building infrastructure while providing greater resiliency through on-site energy generation and storage. This translates into a higher building value and a positive public image – because a perfect place is always a sustainable place.

Energy efficiency optimization

Building energy efficiency optimization that pays off

You get most out of energy efficiency optimization, if you choose a holistic point of view. This idea lies at the core of our offering – and makes energy efficiency scalable. Of course, the more comprehensive the approach, the more savings can be realized. 

To get the most out of your building, you need a building automation and control system (BACS). It turns your building into a perfect place that uses less energy and produces fewer CO2 emissions. It also offers your tenants more comfortable living conditions and a working environment that fosters productivity. Thanks to short payback times, the necessary investments pay off after a short time, especially if compared to other energy efficiency measures – making building automation even more attractive.

Building solutions

Sustainable building solutions

Our industry-leading solutions, services, products, and technologies optimize life cycle performance for your buildings to achieve maximum energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising on comfort and life safety.
Building automation

Energy-efficient building automation

Our building automation and control systems (BACS) are based on open communication standards and fulfill highest standards in energy efficiency. The systems are designed to be combined with each other, so each solution is a perfect match that minimizes installation and operating costs while providing high levels of security and failure protection.
eu.bac certification

Reliable Certification

Integrated building and room automation can only be as good as the products and systems in use. Officially certified products and systems ensure an energy-efficient performance and consistent quality.

You can certify your building automation and control  system to make your efforts for more energy efficiency public with the eu.bac certification. The European Building Automation and Controls Association eu.bac as guidelines for system certification for the whole of Europe. The technical recommendations and check-lists will help perform a quick assessment of an existing BACS or design and will provide targeted improvement recommendations that will save energy and lifecycle costs while improving comfort conditions. Procedure and methodology are based on European standards (EN 15232-1:2017) and are scientifically proven by a German university. The initial and periodic inspections will be performed by auditors accredited by the eu.bac organization using a standardized holistic process. This will ensure that your BACS is working correctly and operating at its most sustainable level. You can draw on our expertise to certify your building automation system and rely on our certified products. They carry the eu.bac certification mark to indicate that they fulfill assured levels of energy-efficient performance and quality assurance.

Expert tools and applications

Unlock your buildings’ energy saving potentials

Energy efficiency begins as early as in the planning phase of a building. The right specifications in combination with officially certified products and systems ensure efficient performance and consistent quality.

Energy efficiency tools

To unlock your buildings’ complete energy saving potential, Siemens follows a systematic approach, based on an in-depth analysis and reliable estimates of energy savings. This multi-level planning circle is supported by tools that build on each other.
In the pre-project and project planning phase as well as during the call for tenders, the Energy Efficiency Calculation Tool (EEC) lays the foundation for informed decisions with an in-depth analysis of the energy and C02 savings potential. During operation and possible modernization, this tool gives valuable insights for efficient and precise planning.

Energy Performance Classification (EPC) Tool

The tool allows a quick analysis of the BACS functionality for the installed technical building infrastructure (HVAC plants, lighting, shading) and an estimation of potential energy savings and payback time. It assesses the BACS Energy Performance Classification of your building based on the standard EN 15232-1:2017.

The key functions are:

  • Acquisition of the current state of an existing BACS and allocation of its control functions to energy performance classes A to D
  • Determination of the new state of BACS following modernization and allocation of improved the controls to energy performance classes A to D
  • Determination of annual potential energy savings and indication in the respective currency
  • Providing information on payback time
  • Quick establishment of customized documentation
ISO 50001

Compliant transparency: ISO 50001

ISO 50001 covers the requirements energy management systems must meet. Focusing on a company’s energy consumption and energy policy, ISO 50001 offers a systematic approach that allows continually improving energy performance.

Make efficiency your new standard

Important benefits of the ISO 50001 standard include the systematic evaluation of energy flows and energy consumption as well as the continual improvement of energy efficiency using reproducible key performance indicators. It also allows companies to better prioritize efficiency measures based on economic criteria. Increased transparency helps companies to better assess the success of new energy-efficient technologies.

We accompany you on your way

Making existing company processes transparent using Energy Monitoring and Energy Controlling is crucial. These insights allow continually identifying energy savings potentials, defining optimization solutions and implementing measures.


Energy management system setup and certification ensure improved energy balance and positive environmental effects. Our experts are at your side during your entire energy efficiency journey – independent of business size and market segment. With a variety of services confirmed by TüV Rheinland, Germany, in 2012 to be in compliance with ISO 50001, Siemens helps you to create your own perfect place. Make your energy data transparent, increase your employees' energy conservation awareness and deploy measures aimed at improving energy efficiency in your company.


Successful planning - efficient implementation

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