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Education bears an enormous responsibility for a vast number of young people every day, guiding their way into adult life. Ensuring their safety is a fundamental requirement for any type of school or university. From kindergartens to large university campuses, our comprehensive fire protection offering addresses all requirements independently of size and complexity.

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Fire safety concept for educational facilities

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University and school structures are heterogeneous by nature. In addition to the age diversity of the pupils/students, we also find a large variety of learning environments, which can extend from basic classrooms to different buildings or even city districts. Educational facilities are also commonly home to a substantial quantity of high-value assets such as irreplaceable documents, IT infrastructure and scientific equipment. In such environments the single largest threat is fire.    According to official statistics, the number of fire-related injuries and fatalities by fires in universities and schools is thankfully very low. However, this should in no way lead to complacency as there are still too many fires causing extensive damage. For example, in 2014 a £ 20 million laboratory building at the University of Nottingham, England, was completely destroyed during the construction phase. Although no figures are available for the financial consequences of the estimated 2-year delay in opening the laboratory, these are certainly not inconsiderable. Minimizing the number of fire-related incidents and the consequential damage costs is a top priority. Our advanced offering provides optimal fire protection for both persons and infrastructure.

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Siemens offers an advanced portfolio for reliable fire protection for all university and school applications – each of which has its own specific challenges.

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We have successfully equipped educational facilities all over the world with fire safety systems tailored to their specific demands. Our solutions never fail to satisfy our customers – but see for yourself:

Unrivaled signal analysis: ASAtechnology

Deceptive phenomena are a frequent occurrence e.g. in student accommodation or refectories: Kitchen fumes, tobacco smoke and steam from bathrooms are just a few examples. ASAtechnology (ASA = Advanced Signal Analysis) is a unique technology from Siemens that converts signals into mathematical data which are compared with programmed values in real time using intelligent algorithms. The special signal analysis process is very reliable in preventing false alarms caused by on-site deceptive phenomena, such as steam, tobacco smoke or exhaust emissions.


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