Smart Office

Make the office space part of your team

Intelligent collaboration starts with a smart environment. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
Smart office adapts to people’s needs

The office as an active contributor to business success

By 2030, millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce – and they are demanding a more productive and flexible work environment that enables activity-based working.


Smart offices are the key to meeting these requirements. They use state-of-the-art building technology to improve employee performance and reveal ways to use office space efficiently and economically. 

By providing the ideal conditions for the task at hand.

By giving the people a voice in deciding how and when spaces are used.

By creating communities.


Considering that on average 90% of a company’s costs are attributed to employees, it makes sense to provide the best working environment possible. With smart office, the space you work in becomes part of the team. Let us show you how.

Smart offices ensure productivity and flexibility

When the office becomes an experience

In a workday, tasks change: from writing reports, to meeting with colleagues to review project details and to taking a confidential call. The smart office is a team player and gives way to use the space you need for the current task.

A few clicks on the Comfy app is all it takes to book a desk or conference room, or help you locate your colleagues. Additionally, the building learns about people’s needs and adjusts, for example, the lighting and temperature to a person’s preferences. Intelligent technology and smart sensors from Enlighted are enhancing  workplace flexibility and making the smart office a crucial factor in attracting and retaining talents and experts. 


Seamless, frictionless, connected: in a smart office, work becomes a new experience.

Verdantix report on recent acquisitions from Siemens

Siemens has strengthened its portfolio of solutions for smart buildings by acquiring Comfy, Enlighted and J2 Innovations and launched a new company strategy "Vision 2020+", that sets out a pathway to make the company nimbler and more profitable in an era of fast-moving digitalization. The report by Verdantix analyses Siemens’ trio of acquisitions in the smart building market and reviews what building operators should expect from Siemens in the future.

Raise the bar on what to expect from your buildings

Future-proof solutions for your office – and the environment

Thanks to advanced building technology, smart offices can be created in just about any building. One of the most important systems is a building management platform that ensures all disciplines interact optimally. Room automation, for example, assures a uniform control strategy and creates a perfect interaction between HVAC systems, lighting and shading. Building tenants benefit from individual comfort control and optimal air quality. But they want to feel safe too. This is where high-tech fire safety and security systems enter the picture. They ensure appropriate access and simplify security processes. What’s more, all systems are flexible and can be adapted quickly and inexpensively to new room requirements and layouts.

The answer to making your building cost-efficient while going easy on natural resources is: digitalization. Today’s networking capability and virtually unlimited computing power and storage provided by the cloud, allow a completely digitalized building life-cycle process. Sensors producing and evaluating data enable smart offices to respond intelligently to their environment. For example, by forecasting the weather, the user demand and the power consumption, they additionally optimize energy consumption. The cloud-based building and energy management platforms help you in creating a sustainable business and work environment.


Productivity, safety, transparency, sustainability: in a smart office, intelligent infrastructure ensures your competitive advantage.


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