Buildings of tomorrow

Buildings of tomorrow - the smart buildings podcast

Talking about the market trends and innovations that are making the smart buildings of the future possible
Buildings of tomorrow

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The podcast series

Buildings of tomorrow

The smart buildings podcast series for consultants, architects and industry stakeholders.

The latest topics. The most important innovations.

Jon Lester will be joined by industry experts to discuss the smart buildings of the future. Buildings that are safer, more sustainable, provide healthier and more productive environments and become active contributors to success of its stakeholders.


"We'll discuss the market trends shaping the industry, and the innovators leading the charge towards smart buildings that can interact with their occupants, learn from them and ultimately adapt to their changing needs" says Jon Lester, the host of Buildings of tomorrow.


If you want to stay up to date on the topics that shape your business, Buildings of tomorrow is the ideal source of information to keep you on the forefront of the construction industry.

The future of the building industry

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revolutionizing the building industry. Wolfgang Haas, principle expert for BIM at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, joins Jon Lester for a chat about one of the industry’s most exciting topics.

A new understanding of people productivity

Our understanding of people productivity is changing profoundly. Flexible offices, the merging of work and private life and the role of the building itself are key elements to understanding this change. Franziska Dolak, Innovation Manager at Siemens Smart Infrastructure, talks about a fresh approach towards people productivity.