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A new view on building protection
You want to know how Cerberus DMS addresses cyber security?

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Cerberus DMS

Making protection smarter, easier and more efficient

Managing your fire protection and security systems doesn't have to be complicated. Cerberus DMS is a customizable danger management station that makes building protection smarter, easier and more efficient.

Better. Of course.

Update now to keep danger management performance at the peak. Profit from our continuous innovations and expanded product range and ecosystem.
Easy to use

Simple and powerful. Your central point of control.

Get access to centralized monitoring and operation from a single point of control. With the assisted treatment of alarms and a graphical user interface, your operational costs are optimized and productivity is enhanced. This results in better protection of lives, assets and business continuity.
Open platform

Low life-cycle costs. Smooth integration.

Cerberus DMS is an open platform developed to keep pace with changing technology. It works with a variety of protocols and IT standards, including OPC, SNMP, BACnet, Modbus and Web Services. This results in lower life-cycle costs as the system can grow with changes in the building.

White paper: Cerberus DMS V4.0 Cyber security Meets Building Management Systems

We live and work in an exciting era. It’s one defined by Industry 4.0 – the digitalization of business. Digitalization provides numerous advantages, including greater convenience and increased efficiency. It also presents security challenges. Cyber attacks are a constant and increasing threat due to the across-the-board connectivity that makes digitalization possible. In today’s connected world, the likelihood of a cyber attack is high.

Check out how Cerberus DMS V4.0 addresses cyber security in our white paper.

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Stay flexible. Now and in the future.

Should your requirements change, Cerberus DMS has you covered. From small to large, a wide range of deployments can be supported. The server and clients can run either on the same or on separate machines. This means your investment is protected and your building needs are always taken care of.
Any size and requirement

Small and simple. Big and complex.

No matter your site size and needs. Cerberus DMS has you covered with it's easy and modular licensing concept.

Always up-to-date. Always peace of mind.

With Cerberus DMS's Software Upgrades Program you can now buy a license today and get all updates for one year. After that, you can decide if you want to renew your subscription.

Smooth modernization of DMS8000 legacy products

Do you want to modernize your DMS8000 installation to be able to use the latest in danger management innovations? Then Cerberus DMS offers simple modernization paths for you.

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