FibroLaser - linear heat detector

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When a fire breaks out in tunnels, halls, parking garages, cable trays, or on conveyor belts, fast action is required. In such a situation, it’s about protecting lives, minimizing material assets damage and avoiding costly outages. To meet these challenges, Siemens offers the linear heat detection system (new: line type heat detection system) FibroLaser™, a worldwide proven solution that also represents the largest installed base on the market.

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Cable tray or road tunnel – so different the installations, so clear the demands on fire protection: quick detection, localization and confirmation of the fire source. FibroLaser is a leader in both regards. In this way, the system meets the central requirements to protect lives, assets and business operations.

Light recognizes fire

FibroLaser uses the characteristics of glass fibre cables for a highly precise temperature sensor and fire localization system. The criteria that will ultimately sound an alarm can be individually defined – based on on-site conditions.

The principle – temperature sensing with light reflection

FibroLaser consists of the following system components: A control unit and the glass fibre sensor cable connected to it. The control unit sends a laser beam through the cable. The glass fibre reflects this light and scatters it back – split into “Stokes” and ”Anti-Stokes” signals (Raman Effect). While Stokes signals have nearly the same signal strength at all temperatures, this value rises proportionally to the temperature with Anti-Stokes signals. Thanks to semiconductor laser diodes, FibroLaser can measure these effects in glass fibres up to 10 km in length. By comparing Stokes and Anti-Stokes the control unit now reliably calculates the temperature and position of a heat source. Through optimization of temporal and local resolution, even slight temperature changes – such as an increase of a few degrees Celsius per minute – can be reliably and exactly displayed.

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