Sinorix Compact (EN)

Pre-engineered and all-in-one fire safety

Sinorix Compact is an integrated fire protection system for rooms from 33 to 90 m3 (Sinorix Compact 67L) and 80 to 144 m3 (Sinorix Compact 120L). Sinorix Compact is designed to manage the whole detection and extinguishing process as a stand-alone system or as a part of the building fire system through a connection to it. The cabinet is pre-wired and contains an XC1003-A control panel, a Siemens FDA221 Aspirating Smoke Detector and Sinorix Silent Nozzle(s) or standard nozzle(s). FDA221 can be extended by point detectors. If the enclose is fitted with a false floor then a proper option can be installed inside the cabinet. This option has to be ordered as a separate product. A hydraulic calculation is needed to define the correct drilling size of the different nozzles. The high efficiency of the Sinorlx Compact system allows using a low extinguishing concentration. Novec 1230 fluid even offers the lowest extinguishing concentration of all currently authorized extinguishing agents. This enables compact system designs and requires less space for installation and cylinder storage.

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Typical applications

Sinorix Compact offers optimal protection for electric or electronic equipment and fast extinguishing. It is environmentally friendly and safe for people.


  • Small data centers
  • Server rooms
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Electrical switching rooms


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