Cerberus FIT addressable – fire protection system (EN)

Maximize safety in small to medium applications

Fire protection is about protecting people and assets, securing business processes and ensuring continuity. With Cerberus™ FIT addressable, we offer reliable and cost-efficient fire protection for various applications. With approved system devices coming from one supplier, you can be sure that everything has been designed to work perfectly together. And when that supplier is Siemens, you can be confident that it will stay that way. The flexibility of the panels allows system operation to be optimized for each application. The broad range of detectors means fast and reliable detection in any environment.

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Product information

Cerberus FIT addressable at a glance

Whatever the application: the safety of people and assets is always a major concern. Fire incidents endanger lives and result in financial losses. Cerberus FIT is the ideal solution for reliably protecting small- to medium-sized applications from fire and its consequences. The FC360 series fire protection system is easy to install, commission and maintain.

Ideal for smaller applications

Cerberus FIT is the ideal solution for small- to medium-sized applications.

Plan your fire protection system

Planning your fire protection system can be a difficult task. Use our planning tool and desktop editor to make planning your system easy and efficient.

Technical information

A simple and flexible fire protection solution

FC360 addressable fire control panels

At the center of the system is an addressable 1-loop fire control panel of the FC360 series. The compact panels are intuitive to operate and you can connect up to 126 C-NET detectors and peripheral devices, including ASA neural fire detectors with the unique ASAtechnology from Siemens.

The panel detects and automatically reads-in (auto-configuration) all connected C-NET devices, providing immediate and simple operation. The integrated 'Panel Configurator' enables the configuration to be changed quickly and easily on a PC/laptop, without the need for additional software. Up to 2000 events can be stored according to various criteria.

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