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Tailored solutions for modernizing and expanding your system to meet today’s – and future – standards
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In today’s corporate world, ensuring life safety and business continuity is just as important as being able to react quickly and flexibly to changing market requirements, customer needs and emerging risks. Thinking ahead is particularly important for fire safety. New business processes, drops in system performance or increased operational costs due to increased maintenance requirements or false alarms can call for more modern protective measures. With state-of-the-art detection, alarming, evacuation, extinguishing and building management systems from our extensive portfolio, we can provide tailored solutions for modernizing and expanding your system to meet today’s – and future – standards.    

An investment that pays off

Compromising on fire safety means to compromise on people’s lives, which is why fire protection should always be a major priority. But on top of that, fire safety concepts of commercial buildings in particular are also affected by the following set of complex criteria:

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A 360° approach to modernizing your fire protection system

Regardless of whether you want to modernize or expand your existing system with more advanced technology – our solutions cover all requirements of modern fire protection to ensure maximum business continuity, life safety and asset protection at all times. Our stepwise modernization solutions allow for continued operation and minimal disruptions of your business.

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We have successfully modernized fire safety systems all over the world with solutions tailored to the local requirements. We never fail to satisfy our customers – but see for yourself:


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