Climatix air handling unit (AHU) applications

Climatix solutions for air handling units

A digital breeze to boost your AHU business

Imagine unlocking the full potential of digitalization in regard to your AHUs.    What if you could ensure cost-effectiveness, efficient installation and high performance? With Siemens, imagination turns into reality. We start by understanding your challenges and visions. Then tailor our products, tools        and services to satisfy your needs. You also have access to our complete,        broad OEM portfolio from controls, valve and damper actuators to sensors.              Rest assured: we have you covered over your entire value chain.  

Design and manufacturing

Reduce your design and manufacturing effort

Material and labor cost savings of up to 35% and 40% respectively can be achieved thanks to simpler wiring concepts with Modbus-compatible sensors and actuators. Our actuators can be installed fast and efficiently as no tools are required and the products come with prefabricated connectors.

Climatix C600

The Climatix C600 controller offers a high degree of scalability as well as cloud connectivity options for remote access. Benefit from our 20 years of application expertise by selecting a pretested application or programming your customized application with the support of one of our worldwide Centers of Competence. 

Climatix smartHMI

Our Climatix smartHMI offers the perfect interface to each user (installers, facility managers, service technicians, etc.), based on their individual requirements. A major benefit for you, as the OEM, is the single engineering workflow which will limit your efforts and costs. From guided installation to preventive maintenance, we have you fully covered.


Less training / lower costs

Climatix smartHMI simplifies and cuts installers` training by up to 50% thanks to the commissioning wizard which provides step-by-step guidance. This translates directly into lower training costs. Travel costs can also be reduced thanks to remote access and support.
Operation and service

Ensure high performance at minimal service cost

Facility managers and service providers greatly benefit from our Climatix IC remote servicing system. This cloud offering allows for transparent operation, optimal planning of service activities and equipment performance optimization. For example, dashboards can easily be created and customized to individual needs. Evaluation of real-time and historical data can lead to better informed decision making which in turn will result in higher performance. Such data also serves as the foundation for preventive and predictive maintenance services.

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