Climatix chiller and heat pump applications

Chiller and heat pump solutions

Wide choice of solutions for refrigeration applications

Climatix controllers are designed for a wide range of chiller and heat pump applications. Proven standard applications and complete HVAC function libraries minimize the OEM’s effort in providing tailored chiller and heat pump solutions.

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Solutions for chillers and heat pumps

The chiller and heat pump library combines the advantages of freely programmable controls and standard applications to optimize application development and programming work.

Efficiency thanks to chiller and heat pump library

The CH/HP library is a product that was developed to meet optimally the requirements of OEMs operating in the fields of refrigeration and air conditioning. It enables application engineers to develop rapidly and efficiently new applications, but also with minimum effort when it comes to modifying existing applications. The CH/HP library is based on a clearly defined software architecture. Its structure determines the design of an application and can be transferred to any other application design. Another essential part of Siemens' offering is the Functions Library. It is an extensive collection of function blocks, which can be directly used for an application. In addition to employing standard functions, such as compressor or defrost functions, the user can modify them according to his needs or even develop his own logic. As a starting point for a new project, the CH/HP library includes a standard template application. It can be used as a reference or directly for the first project.

Further advantages using the chiller and heat pump library

  • Extensive library concept: Wide range of proven standard functions for fast application development.
  • Flexible and extendable applications: Application architecture can be modified and extended according to customer needs while maintaining the overall concept.
  • Usability: The CH/HP library comprises many features for easy application development, thus reducing programming work with regard to core operations.
  • Extensive training and documentation: Application engineers can learn quickly how to use the library.
  • Fast to market: The CH/HP library offers significant time reductions when it comes to developing application projects. It enables innovations to be introduced to the market more quickly and more projects to be pursued at the same time.
  • Transparent development: Due to the high level of standardization development, resources for application projects can be planned flexibly according to demand, involving all team members.
  • Cost savings: Fast development in every phase of an application project (conceptual work, implementation, testing and documentation) provides sustainable cost savings during the entire project cycle.
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