Climatix product range

Climatix product range

Climatix - the comprehensive HVAC portfolio meeting all your requirements

The Climatix product range has both standardized and customizable control solutions that are designed for scalability, and operation in any type of OEM heating, ventilation and air conditioning application.  The Siemens designs for Climatix controllers are based on in depth application expertise and decades of experience in manufacturing HVAC controls.

Climatix product range

Climatix - a comprehensive HVAC portfolio

Siemens’ Climatix product range was developed specifically for OEMs operating in the fields of air conditioning, refrigeration and district heating.

Climatix controllers

Based on a modular design concept, the Climatix 600 controllers can be combined with a range of controllers, extension I/O modules, communication interfaces, HMIs, and programming tools, to create a flexible and robust solution.  


The Climatix 400 controllers with dedicated hardware are and adaptable and cost-optimized for compact chiller/heat pump, and ventilation systems, in both residential and light commercial plants.

Dedicated applications – ideal for plug-and-play systems

  • POL422 and POL423 are optimized for compact chillers/heat pumps
  • POL424 is optimized for compact air handling units
  • POL426 and POL425 for district heating substations
  • Programmable controllers with SD Card support
  • Integrated interfaces for Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP, M-bus and process bus communication

Realize your innovation with Climatix C600

Market requirements 

HVAC assemblies like AHUs, refrigeration systems, district heating transmission stations and heat pumps are now being produced by OEMs and delivered to construction sites as turn-key products. To do this, OEMs rely on freely programmable control units and supplier support across their entire value chains.

Our solution

Climatix provides a range of standardized and programmable control solutions that can be scaled to meet specific needs of OEMs. For additional flexibility, the latest C600 generation has built-in connectivity that is capable of supporting all communication standards.

Customer benefits

  • Reliable operation of large complex systems of up to 8,000 objects using the new high-performance processor with memory extension
  • Simplified wiring and cost savings with Siemens Plug & Play valve and damper actuators
  • Compact control cabinet construction, e.g., with the integrated stepper motor drivers for refrigerant valves with safety function
  • Comprehensive application development tools and libraries for ventilation devices, refrigeration systems, heat pumps, and district heating stations

Main features

  • Integration of intelligent field communications devices via Modbus RTU.  Devices include: variable speed drives, pumps, fans, combined temperature and pressure sensors, and touch panels.
  • Integration in a BACS via BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU
  • Easy integration of Siemens user interfaces or Climatix controllers and exchange process data via local process bus
  • Broad range of Siemens user interfaces and touch panels can be connected
  • M-bus communication interface on POL426 can read out data of heating and/or cooling energy meters from remote locations
  • Highly efficient pumps and fans can be controller via PWM or analog signals
  • Direct detection of mains voltage digital signal from temperature controller or pressure switch

Easy integration into BACS

  • Simultaneous connection of up to 3 modules to the same controller
  • Straightforward installation in the field
  • Full integration into BACS via standard open protocols
  • Seamless integration into Siemens BACS Desigo or Apogee

Modbus RTU - POL902

  • Integration into BACS via RS485 Modbus
  • 2 RS485 Modbus RTU slaves
  • Galvanically isolated

LON - POL906

  • Integration into BACS via LON
  • Galvanically isolated LON
  • 78 kbaud TP/FT-10 transceiver
  • 62 standard network variables
  • Controller application upgrade via LON

M-bus - POL907

  • Galvanically isolated
  • Connection of up to 6 M-bus devices
  • Up to 64 M-bus devices with M-bus repeater
  • Short-circuit-proof bus power supply

BACnet MS/TP - POL904

  • Integration into BACS via BACnet MS/TP
  • Straightforward installation in the field
  • BTL-certified

BACnet IP - POL908

  • Integration into BACS via BACnet IP
  • Preloaded generic BACnet server
  • Supports BACnet/IP over B-BC profile and BBMD
  • Client communication to other BACnet devices
  • BTL-certified

AWM module - POL909

  • Easy configuration and tailoring
  • Ready-to-use web package
  • Alarm notification via e-mail
  • Smart user access management

OPC server - POL0L9

  • OPC integration of Climatix controllers via Ethernet or modem
  • Light license for small plants
  • Full license for large plants

Highest flexibility and modularity

  • Each module available with specific I/O types and number to fit HVAC applications
  • Universal I/O mix for high level of flexibility
  • On-board power supply for active sensors (AC 24 V, DC 5 V)
  • Embedded motor drivers for electronically controlled valves (ECV)
  • Reliable operation in the event of power failure or communication breakdown
  • Quick addressing via DIP switches

Adequate number of I/Os through extension modules

  • Best combination of I/O extension modules
  • High flexibility thanks to combined I/O modules
  • Distributed panel design is made possible by locating modules in different control panels
  • ECV module, useful, flexible and secure

Climatix user interfaces - comprehensive range, customized for OEMs

Climatix user interfaces are an extensive range of human machine interfaces (HMI) that include room units and touch screens. These products are designed for use with compact and advanced HVAC equipment and comply with worldwide certification, directives and regulations.

Climatix user interface - POL871 (HMI-TM)

  • Suited for outdoor installation (IP65)
  • Firmware upgrades on site via SD Card
  • Programmable iconic mode user interfaces

Climatix user interface - POL895 (HMI-DM)

  • Suitable for local or remote installation
  • Firmware upgrades on site via SD Card

Climatix user interface - POL831 (HMI-LED)

  • Compact panel-mounted HMI (IP54)
  • Communication via Modbus protocol

Climatix user interface - POL8T1

  • Communication via Modbus protocol
  • Fully programmable graphic user interfaces
  • Software upgrades on site via USB/SD Card

Climatix user interface - POL822 (HMI-SG)

  • Segmented LCD with built-in temperature sensor
  • Fully programmable via Climatix tools
  • 7-day time scheduler

Climatix user interface - QMX3

  • Climatix controllerc compatible with BACS products
  • Plug & play connection via PL-Link bus
  • Setting of room temperature, humidity, air quality and CO2

Climatix engineering tools - the fast way to customized solutions

Climatix controllers can be freely programmed by SAPRO, enabling customers to develop specific functions for efficient application design. SAPRO provides proven libraries for air conditioning, refrigeration and district heating, all designed for helping OEMs to create customized functionalities and minimize development time.

To reliably test the programmed application, SAPRO provides a powerful digital test capability directly on the target device. Climatix controllers can be commissioned via Climatix HMIs, by browsing the HMI@Web or by the SCOPE commissioning tool. With SCOPE, all available settings can be accessed over USB, IP, modem, or LON.

Climatix SAPRO programming software

  • Graphical, object-oriented programming tools as per IEC 61131-3 (FBD, SFC, ST)
  • Archive and version management, workgroup, workflow support and library management
  • Proven HVAC libraries for refrigeration, air conditioning and district heating

Climatix SCOPE

  • Engineering tool for HMI menus and languages
  • Creation of the required communication interfaces
  • Documentation generator
  • Read-and-write access to all Climatix data points
  • Connectable via USB, LON, modem or TCP/IP
  • Configuration and visualization of on-/offline data trends, logs and time schedules
  • Up-/downloading parameter sets, automatic generation of commissioning documentation

Climatix SCOPE Light commissioning tool

  • Limited functionality for commissioning in the field
  • Read-and-write access to predefined values
  • Connectable via USB, LON, modem or TCP/IP
  • Configuration and visualization of on-/offline data trends, logs and time schedules
  • Up-/downloading parameter sets, automatic generation of commissioning documentation

Climatix Factory tool

  • Support for OEMs' automated production process
  • Loading and configuration of Climatix controllers
  • Generation of HVAC schematics
  • Interface for customer ordering system
  • Comprehensive end-of-line report documentation
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