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Decades of experience and close cooperation with renowned customers in the field of district heating substations make Siemens one of the leading suppliers of district heating control systems. Based on this know-how and competence, we have further extended our control systems by adding innovative solutions. From simple solar control systems to multifunctional controllers for district heating substations, Siemens offers proven, extendable systems of modular design that meet almost any requirements. Our control technology will enables you to implement your ideas.

Application information

Climatix - district heating applications

The need for climate protection leads to long-term changes in the energy sector. The political decisions regarding the energy turnaround are already being made, but many questions are still unanswerded when it comes to implementation. Clearly, district heating will play a major role in this industrial sector. From today’s point of view, the investment decisions to be made by the district heating companies under these conditions must be economical and should be planned such that future developments can be accommodated. Networking and intelligent control technology are two of the keys for meeting these challenges that affect all of us.
Everyone is talking about Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Here it’s running live. This goes beyond the so-called smart home. This is a smart district heating network.
Nico Petrick, PEWO Energietechnik GmbH       

Optimal application thanks to Climatix district heating

Energy efficiency

Energy optimization and management - thanks to forward-looking integration and demand-related control. Networking and intelligent control technology is key for meeting future requirements straightforwardly and fast with freely programmable controllers for individual solutions. Investment protection thanks to improved availability of plants and cost optimization - Remote Servicing System for commissioning, monitoring, maintenance and customized upgrading of plants. Future-oriented communication capability, demand-related control and automatic exchange of information for energy distribution, cost-optimized storage of heat and cooling energy.


New way of thinking

Flexible concepts, innovative products, functions meeting the demand, important information, versatility - secure investment thanks to backward compatibility. In view of these developments, Siemens introduced the district heating controller family Climatix DH, complementing the proven RVD product portfolio. The innovative products satisfy present and future requirements. Climatix DH enables you to implement cost-optimized solutions while giving consideration to future needs, implemented in the form of tested and customized solutions. 


Communication capability

Individual, decentralized data acquisition on site for future optimization of plant, energy-cost evaluation and billing scheduled maintenance. When developing the controllers, special emphasis was placed on communication capability to ensure all networking requirements will be met. This way, the information needs of district heating customers, building owners and district heating companies can be satisfied at any time. You can use the communication network of the district heating company or that of an external provider and, at the same time, integrate it into a building management system. The Climatix DH controllers with their modular design offer all options for the future, even if present usage does not yet call for communication.



Modular design, straightforward upgrading as needed using proven updates of extra functions, secure and direct via remote access, fast, easy and reliable - from installation to maintenance. The extensive choice of sensors and hydraulic schemes resulting from the function group concept make the Climatix DH controllers specifically suited for retrofit projects or for use in existing networks. This enables the district heating company to pursue a step-by-step strategy to upgrade existing networks with advanced control and communication technology.


Holistic offering

Complete controls offering - sensors and actuators for sustained solutions. Optimum results can only be achieved with well-engineered solutions. Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio of optimized field devices. As a leading supplier of valves and actuators for building systems, we offer easy-to-install and reliable components. The valves‘ precise characteristics support the control performance of the district heating substation.

Special functions for more energy efficiency

In accordance with contractual connection conditions, return temperature, volume flow or load limits can be securely stored in the controller. Also, pressure and temperatures in the district heating substation can be monitored and recorded. This enables the district heating company to ensure secure operation and to detect abnormal changes at an early stage. This way, increased costs for customers and undesired effects on the district heating network can be prevented. Functions, such as floor curing in new buildings and limited temperature increase to prevent cracking noise, support both the heat supplier and user while giving consideration to special building characteristics. If required, it is also possible to suppress night setback when a selectable low outside temperature is reached. When the plant is switched off for longer periods of time, valves and pumps can be activated for a few minutes to prevent seizing.  If required, the heating system pressure can be automatically maintained. The ECO function can be used to reduce the number of switching cycles. With the help of release and locking signals, the available amount of energy can be optimally distributed in the network. The heat request signals delivered by the consumers allow optimum use of the heat sources. Optimum start/stop control provides heat at the right time and reduces it in due time. If desired, the controller gives  consideration to external influences, such as solar radiation and wind effect. This enhances room comfort and increases energy efficiency. In heating networks operating only in the winter, solar domestic hot water heating represents an efficient alternative in the summer, reducing  overall operating costs.

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