Heat recovery ventilation (HRV)

Climatix solutions for air handling units

Boost your competitiveness by reducing costs and increasing energy efficiency

Gain a competitive advantage by incorporating our HRV solutions into your products. You’ll reduce your unit costs while delivering comfort, connectivity and energy efficiency. We work with you to bundle the appropriate controllers, sensors and connectivity applications that make engineering, commissioning and operation easier for your customers. Intuitive, user-centric interfaces help reduce errors during installation and commissioning and simplify customer operation.

Climatix S300 controller

Climatix’s patented control loop and deicing strategy for heat exchangers mean that your HRV unit can operate in the highest energy efficiency class – without the extra pressure sensor normally required. This compact design reduces your unit costs and increases the benefits to your customers.

Climatix IC

Climatix IC, our web-based remote servicing system, adds the digitalization and connectivity that make it possible for you to offer web-based remote services to your customers. It allows analysis and maintenance any time, anywhere. Process data is gathered continuously and saved automatically to our secure cloud for further analysis. The data allows you and your customers to keep track of the HRV unit’s status and efficiency for potential energy savings and preventive maintenance services.

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