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At home you should always feel comfortable. By monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity of your rooms, the Smart Thermostat family helps you create your perfect place. Did you know that around 60% of the energy consumed in European households is used for heating? The Siemens Smart Thermostat range not only keeps you warm and cozy at home, it also helps you save energy and reduce your costs. A thermostat that combines comfort, energy saving and ease-of-use: With convenient touchscreen operation and the Smart Thermostat RDS mobile application, you will always have your perfect place.
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The Smart Thermostat offers a package of strong benefits. It figures out the perfect room climate and guarantees optimized energy consumption in your home. In addition to achieving these goals, the Smart Thermostat gives you many other benefits, proving that it fully understands and satisfies your needs.

Intuitive use and automatic updates

The Smart Thermostat was developed to make handling as easy as possible. This is reflected in the highly intuitive user interface and the display that has been reduced to the essentials. Control and monitor your Smart Thermostat from anywhere simply by using your smartphone or tablet. Automatic updates ensure that the Smart Thermostat benefits from the latest features. 

Comfort when you need it 

Thanks to its built-in presence sensors the Smart Thermostat creates the perfect room temperature when the room is occupied. Furthermore, it learns the perfect moment to start heating the room within one day instead of the usual days or weeks. The benefits are compelling: energy and cost savings as well as improved indoor comfort.

Helping you to save energy 

The Smart Thermostat ensures energy-efficient operation by contributing significantly to the overall energy efficiency of your heating system, as evidenced by its energy performance label (class IV). Thanks to the Green Leaf feature, you can at any time select your energy-efficient mode with one simple touch. This, in turn, can motivate you to save even more energy. The Smart Thermostat app is your companion to achieve measurable savings – simply by using its control and access functions.

Get to know the wireless solution

The RDS110.R completes the current Smart Thermostat range: the wireless Smart Thermostat and its accessories represent a new retrofit solution for heating control in residential and light commercial buildings.
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How to improve your comfort with a few simple clicks

The Smart Thermostat can be operated either directly on the touchscreen itself or with our highly intuitive Smart Thermostat RDS app. The app enables full control and monitoring of your Smart Thermostat from anywhere and at any time. Key functionalities of the app range from geofencing, trends, a scheduler, setting different modes (e.g. Away, Home), humidity control and indoor air quality monitoring to the Green Leaf function and much more. This makes control of the Smart Thermostat easy and fast.


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The Smart Thermostat is made for the professional installation market. It is designed for product replacement as well as for new construction projects. Find out how easy and fast it is to install and commission the Smart Thermostat.
For installers

Your benefits at a glance

As a professional installer you will benefit from the Smart Thermostat early on: from offering easy commissioning to meeting the latest energy efficiency standards. Your clients will not only be satisfied with the ease of use, they will also be impressed by the positive impact on their budgets.
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Explore our FAQ area to learn more about the Smart Thermostat. You will also find important information in the download section.


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