Comprehensive building automation and control with Desigo™

Automation of primary plants with Desigo

The most flexible and scalable plant automation

Desigo offers outstanding scalability and consistent system openness with a wide range of freely programmable automation stations for primary plants. The modular concept makes Desigo automation stations the perfect match for projects of any size. With comprehensive management and system tasks, optimized application libraries and energy-saving functions, Desigo satisfies all your building automation and control needs, both today and in the future. 

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Desigo Control Point

Desigo Control Point

The embedded building management station – designed for small to medium size buildings – offers ease of operation and monitoring to create perfect building conditions from anywhere.

Desigo PX controllers

Easy integration and flexible extensions

The flexible, scalable and open controllers satisfy all building and application needs. They can be easily adapted to future changes and offer the highest reliability, thus ensuring maximum value.
Desigo proven applications

Application solution libraries for improved efficiency and enhanced comfort

Extensive and proven libraries containing tested applications that help significantly reduce engineering and commissioning effort, improve quality of projects, lower operating costs during the entire lifecycle of the building and significantly cut energy consumption. The libraries reflect decades of Siemens experience in the production, distribution and consumption of energy and enhanced efficiency applications.
Desigo and BIM

Desigo offers the perfect portfolio for BIM projects

The future of the construction industry is digital – and BIM is the right method to support efficient planning, construction and operation in a holistic approach – connecting all parties involved.    With a wide range of products with BIM data in standard BIM formats, Desigo controllers make it easy to experience the future of construction. BIM data from Siemens, which is regularly updated, can be used directly in REVIT or converted to IFC, so you can be sure your BIM data is always up to date.
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Building Information Modeling (BIM)



Desigo automation stations and controllers for primary plants are outstanding solutions for all building requirements. Our references speak for themselves.


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