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Heating and air conditioning costs represent a significant component of operating costs. The Building Control GAMMA instabus technology significantly reduces these expenses by heating, cooling, or ventilating rooms only when they are in use. Room temperature can be controlled by using presence detectors, core occupancy times, room-related occupancy schedules or manually.

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...that the efficient use of energy in GAMMA instabus HVAC systems and products can reduce operating costs by up to 30 percent while still maintaining a comfortable room climate? Siemens offers you high-quality products and systems for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning plants as well as lighting and solar protection. All components are optimally matched so you profit not only from a reduction in installation and operation costs, but form a high level of security against failure as well.
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Synco Building automation

Depending on their size, life cycle, operating times and comfort requirements, buildings have different requirements for HVAC control. Synco ™ can be tailored to all those.

Synco is a building automation and control system for small and medium-size buildings. It offers all the products and tools for complete system solutions: Primary plant control Room automation (both HVAC and electrical)   Multi-site, remote operation and management Remote energy monitoring and billing The latter is enabled by connecting Synco IC with Siemens remote metering products and solutions.

For installers

Mounting guidelines for sensors

In order for all data to be recorded correctly, some things must be taken into account when installing the sensors. Take a look at the mounting guidelines.

Room sensors for temperature, humidity and air quality

  • Mount sensors in rooms at a height of approx. 1.5 m and a distance of at least 50 cm from the nearest wall
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Avoid locations near to air flows and heat sources
  • Reliable detection of room climate is only possible if the doors and rooms are closed

Motion and presence detectors

  • The detection zone of a presence detector should not be impeded of blocked by shelves, plants or glass walls
  • Do not expose motion detector to direct sunlight
  • Avoid placing any sources of rapid temperature changes within the detection zone, e.g. air vents, fan heaters or incandescent and halogen lamps

Wind sensors

  • Mount on the facade along the main wind direction
  • Select a site on the building where the sensor can detect the wind unhindered
  • Mount sensors in an accessible location to allow easy inspection and maintenance
  • Do not mount under eaves or balconies
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Siemens supports you in every project phase with various tools and apps. These help you both selecting suitable products and planning new projects. In this way, KNX projects can be calculated quickly and easily on the move, for example, or necessary information can be found. A helpful support for routine work.
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