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Natural sunlight and pleasant lighting conditions enhance user comfort in rooms and houses. To ensure optimum use of daylight, Siemens offers a range of products for energy-efficient solar protection control. To ensure in-room users are not dazzled by the sun, blind slats can be precisely adjusted with the automatic sun tracking system. This creates an optimum room climate, ensures glare-free workplaces and lowers energy demand and costs for room lighting. 

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Weather station application

Optimum solar protection while saving energy costs

Weather stations are used to control roller shutters, blinds and awnings via appropriate solar protection actuators. By recording weather data such as brightness, wind, temperature and rain, safe, convienient and energy-efficient solar protection control for the entire building is possible.

Sunlight tracking control

With sunlight tracking control, the position of the sun is tracked so that the blind slats are not completely closed, but rather automatically adjusted to prevent the sun from shining directly into the room, but the spacing between the blind slats still allows diffuse daylight to enter the room and contribute to ensuring glare-free room lighting. This intelligent solar protection system ensures to lower the electricity costs.

Shadow tracking control

With shadow tracking control, solar protection is not lowered completely but only so far that the sun can still shine into the room for a certain distance (e.g. 50cm), which can be set by adjustable parameters.
Benefit: This enables people in the room to look outside through the lower part of the window, and plants arranged on the windowsill can still be exposed to direct sunlight, while the room occupants are protected.

For installers

Mounting guidelines for sensors

In order to record all data correctly, some things must be taken into account when installing the sensors. Take a look at the mounting guidelines for the wind sensors and the weather station.

Wind sensors

  • facade along the main wind direction
  • site on the building where the sensor can detect the wind unhindered
  • accessible lovation to allow eeasy inspection and maintenance
  • not under eaves or balconies
  • consider interference factors such as trees, shrubs and snow cover
  • best mounted on a pole at a minimum height of 60 cm

Weather stations

  • mount in a location where wind, rain and sunlight can be measured unhindered
  • mount on a pole at a minimum height of 60 cm, or on a vertical, south-facing wall
  • accessible location to allow easy inspection and maintenance
  • not under eaves or balconies
  • no interference factors such as buildings, trees, shrubs and snow covers
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