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Building management comprise of multiple buildings by integrating it to existing data networks such as LAN and internet. Within a building complex, a city or even further away, even distributed properties can be managed in an optimum and energy efficient manner thanks to up-to-date status information.

System products

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IP routers make it possible to connect each individual floor via Ethernet (LAN) and to use existing LAN networks. This allows large building complexes as well as small individual projects to be commissioned and monitored in a clear way.
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System products and accessories

Innovative KNX IP Secure routers and interfaces

Any security flaws in building automation can make it possible to copy and read data and thus enable unauthorized operation and reading of the functions in the building. Manipulation of lighting systems, heating regulation systems, and their processes in building technology poses a potential risk to the secure operation of buildings.


Due to these increasing security requirements for KNX installations in smart buildings, secure communication between the KNX devices is crucial. The new KNX IP Secure products protect the KNX installation and offer the highest security by transmitting encrypted telegrams between KNX IP routers in IP networks. This ensures both runtime communication via IP and commissioning via ETS so that KNX telegrams cannot be monitored.
As an alternative to the conventional power supply options, the new devices can be supplied via Power Over Ethernet (PoE).

Gateways and interface converters

Gateways in the KNX network

GAMMA instabus offers interfaces to many other technologies, such as Ethernet (LAN), infrared, BACnet networks and and lighting controls with DALI. Via the KNX network it is easy to exchange information and data, in particular, the KNXnet/IP supports connection to building control.
Control and automation devices by LOGO!

All building functions integrated into one automation system

Greater comfort and safety in your own home are the latest trend. This can be realised with the help of automatic control, regulation, and monitoring of building functions. LOGO! makes it particularly easy and cost-effective.
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