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Service is more than you think.

Faster time to market. Better quality. More efficient production.  Nowadays, being competitive means becoming digital - which can be overwhelming: Where do I start? Who can help me to digitalize my enterprise to my standards? Digitalization in an industrial environment requires specialized expertise and knowledge. Let us be part of your digitalization journey. From day one of the entire transformation process. Because service is more than you think.  

Our top priority is to help our customers achieving their goals to become digital. The access to Cutting-Edge-Technologies combined with our unique holistic approach enables us to offer the best possible digitalization solutions. No matter if discrete or process industry. And no matter where. Our customers can count on us, our knowledge and to be their trusted partner.
Karen Florschütz (CEO, Customers Services for Digital Industries)
Successful. From day one on.

Three steps away from a digital enterprise

Every company is different, whether in terms of its degree of digitization, industrial needs, or specific options. Our holistic approach in three steps ensures that the digital transformation of your company proceeds as you prefer: at your own pace and according to your individual expectations.

Holistic digitalization approach

We understand that each digital transformation is unique. To ensure that you meet your goals, our service experts support your digitalization from day one and throughout the entire transformation. 


We call it a holistic approach to digitalization that includes consulting, implementation, and optimization. Our focus is on a successful digitalization of your company that takes into account all your unique specifications, including your industry, degree of digitalization, and specific digital requirements.


Our service experts form a comprehensive picture of your plant and requirements and use it as the basis for developing a strategy for the ongoing implementation and optimization of your enterprise. Traditional services like spare parts supply and repairs are also part of Digital Enterprise Services.

The foundation of your digital transformation

Consulting is based on a thorough assessment of a company's digital maturity. You know your enterprise best in terms of your expectations, existing bottlenecks, or your digital requirements.


Together with you, our service experts assess these challenges and determine the degree of digitization of your company. This is the foundation for a detailed digitalization roadmap tailored to your enterprise – and the next steps of implementation and optimization.

We take care of installing hardware and software

The second step of implementation brings your digital transformation within reach.

The installation of the necessary software and hardware as well as the creation of digital twins of your machines, systems, products and production lines form the basis for continuous data analysis.


The digital twin is the precise virtual model of a product or a production plant. It displays their development throughout the entire lifecycle and allows operators to predict behavior, optimize performance, and implement insights from previous design and production experiences.

Ongoing optimization is the key to success

Collecting required data and using it to optimize your plant are the focus of our third step.

Innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) analyze the collected data and transform it into valuable results: The key to improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Because your digital transformation matters

Have you ever asked yourself what it means to digitalize an industrial enterprise? And how to digitalize? And more importantly, who could support you along the way?

You’re not alone with this. Those are common questions. 


We support you in the digitalization of your company. How?


Watch the video and discover how our service experts make sure you achieve your digitalization goals.



Use services to get more out of your plant

Take a look into the future, analyze processes in detail, and benefit from comprehensive remote support and digital training opportunities for your employees. With our Digital Enterprise Services, you get the most out of your plant.

Drive digitalization with cutting-edge technologies

We rely on state-of-the-art technologies and algorithms so that we can support you in optimizing your quality, costs, and productivity. With our Predictive Services, we can identify when maintenance is required and schedule it in good time with the help of artificial intelligence. Closed Loop Analytics Services for Electronics offer new possibilities for further improving quality and performance. We achieve this by working with you to identify and verify the individual use case. As part of Managed Service, the AI module is then implemented and operated in your company and continuously improved.


Our Artificial Intelligence Services identify the optimal solution to meet your needs based on data analyses and artificial intelligence.

Optimal support for the high-performance operation of your plant

Modern, reliable communication systems enable secure remote access to your plants for the purpose of performing remote engineering, commissioning, and maintenance. Along with special modules, we also offer you support and maintenance so that your plant always operates at the optimal level.

Welcome to learning in the digital age

The SITRAIN access digital learning platform facilitates innovative digital learning and professional training in all sectors. It’s online, flexible, continuous, and personalized. Whereas our training experts provide an optimal knowledge offering with comprehensive, verified content, the modular design of the constantly available offering permits effective learning and measurable learning progress.


The lively SITRAIN community guarantees maximum motivation.

Using the digital twin to enhance flexibility and increase productivity

Thanks to our Digital Enterprise Services, machine tool manufacturers and operators can identify unused potential and optimize their production based on a customized digitalization strategy. The digital twin can help companies to enhance flexibility of their processes and increase productivity in their factories. The Siemens factory in Tübingen shows how virtualization of the shop floor has continuously improved operations so far and what steps in the future road map still lie ahead.

How to become a Digital Enterprise? 

Different market challenges have an impact on your business: with our holistic consulting approach you can start the digital transformation. Let us show how our consulting service experts work with you to determine your company’s level of digitalization, and then develop a digitalization strategy specially tailored to your needs and business drivers.

Services for every need

Comprehensive services throughout the entire lifecycle

From the digital transformation to a reliable supply of spare parts, and fast assistance when an outage happens – with our services you can be sure of the best possible operation for your plant.

Our services in practice

Digital Enterprise Services boost the productivity, efficiency, and future-readiness of machines in plants worldwide and in all sectors.


Stay informed about Digital Enterprise Services

With Digital Enterprise Services, you can realize the digital transformation in your enterprise. Contact us! Our service experts will be happy to help.