Shaping the future

Digitalization is affecting every area of human life – including the jobs we do. That’s why we are using technology to create empowered employment opportunities.
What we do

The way we work is changing

Manufacturing, engineering, and construction are responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Our collaboration with Wired brought to the fore the enormous changes that are taking place in the world right now. And these changes are happening at a rapid pace. The way we live our lives – from shopping to powering our cars to connecting with friends – has been transformed by technology. In addition, our workplaces – from offices to factory floors – are undergoing a transition.


As a future-oriented company, it’s our responsibility to design new strategies that place employees at the center of this ongoing change. More than just a buzzword, the ‘future of work’ means taking a people-first approach to the way we navigate an increasingly digital world. That approach begins with how we recruit the next generation of talent – people like you – and is an essential part of what we do to retain and reskill the 380,000 employees we call our Future Makers.


We know empowered employees give organizations a competitive edge and have launched a number of initiatives to create a framework that’s focused on the individual development of each and every employee – globally.

“We cannot be casual observers. Responding to seismic changes demands a bold vision”
Rosa Riera, VP Employer Branding and Social Innovation

Our network of initiatives

If we want to retain our competitiveness and keep pace with future developments, we must ensure we are up to date – each of us individually, but also as a business. That’s why we are creating an organization that empowers its employees and supports continuous learning.

One common goal

Meet our Future Makers

We are committed to shining a spotlight on our passionate, pioneering, and purpose-driven people. The videos, podcasts, and online articles housed on the Future Makers site do just that – by revealing their motivations, the innovations they are working on, and their unique contribution to the Siemens community.

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