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How to harness the potential of IoT to improve city life.

Turning the Internet of Things into reality

While the IoT unquestionably affects our businesses today and will accelerate the digital transformation of organizations, its wider impact on our society as a whole is still opaque. Our new report provides a systematic look at the tasks and phases required for a successful implementation of IoT in corporate and public sector context.

Unlocking the Potential of Cities

How can we improve city life? The quick answer is: data. Cities, in all their complexity, generate huge volumes of it, all the time. We can use these insights to optimize the systems that support our urban lives – from transportation and health, to energy consumption and safety. And these are real, tangible changes: by utilizing data, it’s possible to improve emergency response times, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve commutes. Dedicated solutions help leverage smart data to maximize city potential.
City Air Management

Improving air quality

City Air Management is a cloud-based software designed to help conurbations reduce air pollution. It gathers emissions data in real-time and simulates measures that improve air quality – enabling decision-makers to remedy high emissions using reliable data. Highly-accurate air quality forecasts are projected for the next five days, using a sophisticated algorithm based on historical data, weather input and current data.

Siemens City Air Management tool and consulting help cities identify methods to avert poor air quality in the short term and to build a strategy for longer-term technology change. City Air Management monitors and forecasts air quality and simulates actions that a city can take in the short term to avert breaches of air quality standards and limit respiratory stress on the most vulnerable citizens.

By ensuring data-driven decision making, cities are able to save on costs, maximize efficiency and foster long-term air quality improvements.

MindSphere Application Centers

Smart City Digital Hubs

MindSphere Application Centers  have been designed to develop new business models, digital solutions and services as well as applications for Smart Cities. The Centers are close to where our customers operate, enabling the co-creation of digital solutions that add real value to operations based on MindSphere , Siemens’ cloud-based, open IoT operating system.

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