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Aligning ourselves with the growth fields of electrification, automation and digitalization, we support customer investments with leasing solutions and equipment, project and structured financing. We provide capital for Siemens customers as well as external businesses and serve as an expert adviser for financial risks within Siemens. Our financial and industry know-how creates customer value and enhances customer competitiveness while building trust in new technologies and facilitating their market launch.

What we do

We create value for Siemens by supporting the implementation of new technologies through our financial expertise. 

Equipment and technology finance

We offer a comprehensive range of financing and leasing solutions for equipment and technology for companies of any size and for the public sector.

Our innovative portfolio comprises various financing options such as operating and finance leases, pay-per-use models and energy-efficiency programs.


Vendor finance

We support the sales-finance needs of national and international manufacturers, vendors and channel partners with vendor financing programs. 

Our specialized financing solutions are tailored to suit individual suppliers and their markets.

Extended payment plans

Extended payment plan products allow Siemens customers to effectively extend payback periods up to 180 days. Using this financing solution, independent of banks, the company can be provided with additional liquidity.   


Invoice financing (factoring)

The financing solution known as factoring allows companies to generate liquidity from their customers’ outstanding payments by selling SFS the receivables produced by the delivery of goods and services. SFS assumes the whole default risk within a previously agreed-upon time frame. 


Trade finance (only in the United States)

If short-termed credits are needed to ensure the flow of goods between customers and vendors and to decrease payment terms, trade finance provides a flexible solution for the immediate payment of open accounts at attractive capital costs. 

Equity investments

With our partners, we invest in promising infrastructure projects across a variety of industries worldwide. We focus on projects in which Siemens plays a key technological or economic role – usually as a supplier of core components and services or as a general contractor.

We support projects – across the development, construction and operation phases – that promise an appropriate return in terms of the project’s risk profile.

Debt finance

The spectrum of our solutions ranges from senior secured loans to mezzanine debt and from structured asset financing to various forms of project financing, including different procurement schemes. Acquisition and growth financing, typically in the form of syndicated loans, is also available, with both floating and fixed-rate options covering a broad range of transaction volumes. 

Leveraged finance

Private equity and corporate clients around the world turn to Siemens Financial Services for cash-flow loans to support their strategic goals. 

We allow customers to take advantage of lending solutions, including leveraged buyouts, acquisitions, expansion capital, refinancing, mergers, and recapitalizations, aimed principally at the middle market. 


Asset-based lending

We provide additional liquidity precisely at the time that companies need it the most: when lines of credit for alternative forms of financing have been exhausted or when large amounts of money are needed on a short-term basis.

Assets that are borrowed against serve as collateral, for example inventory and unpaid invoices from the company. 


Asset finance

We offer financing for machinery, facilities or high-tech equipment and provide security for these assets. Asset Finance is generally used in cases where short-term cash credits or working capital is needed. 


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Siemens Financial Services

Effective financing lays the groundwork for market success. Siemens can design a financial solution with the exact needs of your market and project in mind, letting you account for risk and take advantage of growth opportunities as they arise.

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