Meeting of Minds

Cowork – by Siemens Real Estate. Coworking is a new trend in the modern working environment and one for which demand is growing in Siemens too. Siemens Real Estate has seized the trend and is gradually opening up coworking spaces at various Siemens locations.  For example, in Munich Perlach, where the first Siemens users give their feedback in a short video message.

Coworking is about “collaborative working” in an open space that stimulates creativity and networking across organizational boundaries. A component that goes far beyond physical layout and requires the right attitude from provider and user. Customers have to actively participate in the community of coworkers in order to fully exploit their creative potential and being able to give and absorb new impulses. This collaborative approach is often promoted by Community Managers who personally know the coworkers and can thus, for example, help network the community and consult the coworkers with regard to an optimal use of space. In this sense, the coworking concept is also applied at Siemens in Munich Perlach. The space opened its doors in October 2017 and can now be used by Siemens employees and their business partners

Collaboration right from the outset

Before SRE started development of the coworking space at Munich Perlach, the project team viewed many spaces from different providers, talked to lots of people and actively involved future users here at Munich Perlach in the development process. An approach that has paid off: in the meantime, the successful implementation has been awarded the ICONIC AWARD (Innovative Architecture - Selection) and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 ("Excellent Communications Design" for architecture and interior design - Winner) by the German Design Council ("Rat für Formgebung"). And most important: the users are also convinced of COWORK - by Siemens Real Estate.