Increasing energy efficiency – for us and for our clients

When it comes to energy efficiency, we’re playing a pioneering role – as an example for our clients.

One program - multiple benefits

A program worth €100 million! We will invest this sum in energy efficient projects at Siemens’ sites by 2020. 

Not only will we be saving resources that are becoming increasingly scarce, these projects are financially beneficial for our company: We expect to generate around €20 million in savings through our investments. For many years, we have assisted our clients in improving previously undiscovered energy savings. We optimized more than 7,000 buildings which reduced the CO2 emissions by 10.5 million tons per year and saved €2 billion energy costs.

Energy efficiency by example

Optimizing buildings sustainably

Thus far, we have initiated a total of 27 energy efficiency projects at Siemens’ sites all over the world, and eight have already been completed. 

The technologies and measures implemented include combined heat and power, absorption chillers, air conditioning, hydraulic calibration, heat recovery and cooling towers. One of the projects already implemented took place at a plant in Finspång, Sweden, where Siemens develops, produces, tests and maintains industrial gas turbines up to 54 megawatts. Here, we have implemented a significant number of measures, thus significantly improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Energy efficiency at our customer base

Improved building operation with Siemens’ know-how

At 40 percent, buildings are responsible for the world’s largest share of energy consumption. 

In most cases, significantly more energy is consumed than is necessary. Public and commercial establishments around the world trust Siemens to increase the value and competitiveness of their buildings and infrastructures. With measures to improve performance and with competent consultations, we help our clients to maximize the efficiency of their buildings and lower operating costs whilst reducing their environmental impact. This is based on our extensive know-how in the areas of building operation and data-controlled services.

Siemens optimizes the efficiency of its customers’ building portfolio