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Arc furnace switchgears are designed for command and protection of transformers in melt shop industrial application.

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) or electric Ladle Furnace (LF) duty puts very special and high demands on the circuit-breaker, that performs the operational switching of such a furnace transformer of any power rating:

Up to 100 full load switching operations per day are normal for furnace applications and must be carried out without dangerous switching overvoltage nor excessive wear of the operating mechanism.

Thus, switching of arc furnace transformers calls for special planning, design and selection of circuit-breakers itself, along with the surrounding components e.g. switchgear panels and the mandatory overvoltage protection elements.


Due to the exceptional operational demands our 3AH4 circuit-breaker solutions has been especially designed for being used in this field of application:

  • High performance vacuum interrupters are utilized for highest dielectric properties.
  • Special material and elements are used in the operating mechanism for high mechanical life-time.

Moreover, it is important to appropriately design the devices that will protect the power transformer from over– voltages and voltage oscillations that can occur at the arc furnace transformer terminals. These devices, RC suppressors and surge arresters, are used to reduce dangerous over–voltages that could severely damage the main transformer insulation performance.

These over–voltages usually happen during switching -on and -off operations, that in this kind of application occur very frequently.

Another important task of transformer protection elements is to prevent current re–striking when interrupting the circuit and the consequent voltage escalation phenomenon.

A proper RC study, simulating the plant circuit transient, is a must to determine the right protection elements for furnace transformers.

From a product to comprehensive arc furnace switchgear solution

Features are:

  •  SIVAC -8BT2
  • Single panel design
  • Fixed-mounted or withdrawable unit design
  • individually customized busbar connections
  • LSC ??
  • IAC FLR ??
  • SIVAC -X
  • Single panel design
  • Customized solution
  • sfefsefwsfes

Features are:

  • Mechanical service life of 120,000 switching cycles
  • Vacuum Interrupter lifetime up to 30,000CO
  • Low maintenance effort offers great economic benefits
  • High reliability guarantees continuous production
  • High degree of compactness

Features are:

  • Modeling of the electrical network surrounding the electrical furnace systems in the high frequency range
  • Calculation of the transient system response after making and breaking operations of the furnace breakers for different switching scenarios
  • Dimensioning of RC-Suppressor elements
  • Dimensioning of surge arresters
  • Issuance of a study report focused on selection and dimensioning of protective elements and recommendations for installation

Features and benefits are:

  • guarantee long service life of all the electrical equipment of the system
  • Multiple re-ignitions avoidance with correct selection fo the RC-suppressor elements
  • Overvoltages can be limited by installing the correct surge arrester
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