Siemens CAD Browser

Get the data to support your CAD and BIM planning.

Download Siemens CAD Browser

Having easy access to the correct data files is essential to realizing a successful CAD and BIM planning process. The Siemens CAD Browser delivers data for over 4000 Siemens buildings products across the buildings automation and fire safety disciplines.

Some features include:

  • Open BIM: download IFC files for all products
  • 2D & 3D: download DXF and RFA files for all products
  • Direct draw into REVIT, and authoring tools using the REVIT kernel
  • Symbol view at LOD100: display as 2D symbols when creating 2D plans in REVIT
  • Industry classifications: Data sets include ETIM, IFC, OmniClass and UniClass classifications


Download the Siemens CAD Browser now: