Building information modeling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) supports decision making across the entire lifecycle of a construction project. The enhanced collaboration driven by the process collects and manages data to enable the work of all stakeholders to be coordinated and informed. With BIM a building is first built virtually then physically, with construction only beginning after the virtual building meets all expectations and specifications. Once the building is operational BIM enables it to respond and adapt to changing needs – and remain effective and efficient. With our holistic approach and extensive experience supported by our state-of-the-art technologies, we create environment that care for all stakeholders. 

BIM objects

BIM objects enable the accurate planning and analysis of the digital design. Beyond that, they provide the static data that forms the basis for operational efficiency. All stakeholders benefit to varying degrees from our extensive range of BIM-data-enriched objects, which contain essential information like interdependency, interactions, geometry, classes and attributes relations.


BIM is changing the way we build, collaborate and operate

As with every other aspect of our lives, digitalization is transforming the entire building lifecycle.   This transformation presents far-reaching opportunities. While BIM clearly allows us to plan and construct buildings with greater insight, it also creates significant benefits that are realized during the operation phase.   All of this will improve profitability over the entire building lifecycle and generate measurable advantages for investors, planners, contractors, tenants and operators.

Creating and operating perfect places with BIM

The BIM process delivers value for all stakeholders across the entire lifecycle of buildings. By driving collaboration between all stakeholders, BIM enables the highly connected and integrated smart buildings of the future.

Owners and Investors

Architects and Planners

General Contractors and Subcontractors


Facility Managers and Operators

BIM Managers

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Buildings of tomorrow - the smart buildings podcast

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