Create Your Smart Home with Connected Home

In the context of an unprecedented energy crisis across Europe we have developed an easy to integrate, combine and install home automation system. The future-proof technology of Connected Home reduces costs, provides energy savings, and requires very little customer support.

Technology with purpose 

Our Connected Home ecosystem combines comfort with energy savings. It is one in a long line of Siemens products designed to make life easier, while also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.


The ecosystem is based on Zigbee 3.0, making it versatile. Installation is done wirelessly through hub pairing in just a few seconds and it allows for up to 100 IoT devices per hub. For comfort and convenience, everything is controlled at the touch of a button through our sleek, user-friendly Smartphone app which enables a simple and customizable home automation. The system keeps working even if internet connection drops. It guarantees full flexibility with separate heating controls for each room. Our new solution optimizes energy consumption by reducing it with 30%.

Siemens‘ Connected Home ecosystem makes homes smarter today and will continue to

do so tomorrow. It is future proof – able to adapt and connect with more intelligent devices as each home ecosystem expands. This means the technology does not just contribute to lower, more sustainable energy consumption; it is itself sustainable and makes homes smarter and lives greener.


In the upcoming months we at Siemens will actively improve Connected Home solution by gradually adding new devices and functionalities, whereby the expected result is a reliable, comprehensive home automation for end users.


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