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Siemens introduces young engineers to the world of smart buildings

Representatives of Smart Infrastructure joined Leader’s Academy

In the context of our efforts to support young professionals in the first steps of their career paths, Siemens Smart Infrastructure partnered with Leader’s Academy – an initiative in whose framework well-experienced experts in the field of Construction inspire future colleagues with their know-how. Representatives of Smart Infrastructure joined a special event, conducted by Leader’s Academy.


Eng. Antoaneta Koteva, Key Account Manager and Eng. Dimitar Krusharski BMS Sales Engineer from Building Products unit at Siemens Bulgaria presented innovative solutions for smart buildings. They elaborated on how the “operational system” of buildings i.e., the Building Management System (BMS) helps indoor spaces adapt to the new normal by creating a healthy and comfortable environment for their occupants. 


Desigo CC – a complex solution for more comfortable and energy efficient buildings


Participants in Leader’s Academy were familiarized with Siemens innovative platform – Desigo CC. It integrates all systems in a building including HVAC, fire safety, security, lightning, power and shading. A major focus was placed on the advantages of the system being open, modular, efficient, easy to operate and complying with today’s cybersecurity requirements. Siemens’ lecturers drew students’ attention to the special benefits of the automation platform for construction managers, building operators, facility managers, investors, installers, owners, tenants and occupants of buildings. They emphasized that Desigo CC facilitates the activity of all stakeholders by providing energy efficiency, comfort and healthy climate in the buildings and optimizing operational expenses.


The New Normal as a driver of developing smart buildings


A major focus of the discussion was placed on how the New Normal has changed our expectations and requirements from buildings. Covid-19 pandemic has put on the agenda the need of urgent measures for preventing the spread of viruses indoors. It has been proven that maintaining relative air humidity between 40% and 60% can reduce the transmission of pathogens by up to 70%.


Healthier, more productive and comfortable spaces can be procured by decreasing the concentration of carbon dioxide, fine dust particles and volatile organic compounds in the air. Young engineers were deeply impressed that Siemens BMS portfolio can not only cope with the challenges of the New Normal, but also comply with contemporary expectations for sustainability, space optimization and digitalization. The presentation of Siemens products was supported by examples of smart buildings whose BMS solutions were provided by Siemens. Completed projects have a wide variety of applications such as: office buildings (Garitage Park, Park Lane, Richhill, Gora, etc.); logistic centres (Melexis, JYSK, Orbico, etc.); hotels (Hyatt, Hilton, etc.); hospitals (Acibadem City Clinic, Heart and Brain Hospital, etc.), malls (Sofia Ring Mall, etc.).


The smart office of the future through the glance of young engineers


Participants in Leader’s Academy were challenged to “plan” the smart office of the future. The task was approached with a great enthusiasm, whereby attendants were divided in four teams in order to make the discussion more interactive.


All proposals focused on a fully automated office, whereby some instances of the benefits of the office of the future were customized options for reserving both a parking space and a desk in the “planned” open space modern office. The projects envisaged digitalization of all processes in the office – conducting team meetings, organizing clients’ and partners’ visits and 3D visualization of documents which was intended to replace traditional printing.


“Our participation in Leader’s Academy has given us a priceless opportunity to meet our future clients and partners. The presented projects were really innovative and inspiring”, pointed out Eng. Antoaneta Koteva.


Feedback and next steps


As feedback from the event young engineers shared that the lecture was interesting and engaging. They also found the presented information highly innovative and useful for their future projects in the field of digitalization and building automation.


“We are pleased that we have the chance to inspire participants’ professional development by sharing our knowledge and experience. We hope to welcome them as interns and why not as future colleagues”, commented Eng. Dimitar Krushovski. 


Lecturers had one more challenge for their young colleagues – developing of an explanatory note for integration of building automation systems as part of their final project in Leader’s Academy. 


Siemens Smart Infrastructure team would like to thank the organizers of Leader’s Academy and hopes that this initiative shall go on in the future as it proves a successful booster of young engineers’ career paths in the field on construction.