Fire Safety

New Fire System Builder Boosts Planning Efficiency


  • New tool to facilitate planning of Cerberus PRO and Cerberus FIT fire alarm systems
  • An intuitive, user-friendly tool, built-in Siemens HIT Portal


Siemens has developed a new tool which supports designers, consultants as well as installers and Siemens’ partners in the planning and bidding processes of Cerberus PRO and Cerberus FIT fire alarm systems. The new tool is user-friendly, does not require installation or updating; it is web-based and integrated in Siemens’ HIT portal.

Fire System Builder is highly efficient and provides system planners with the following advantages: simplified planning/selection of products through an intuitive interface, a quick check whether the selected configuration can work in compliance with all requirements, receiving a list of all necessary components of the system and easy creation of project documentation. Its main product features and functionalities are specified below:


Interactive Product Selector


Fire System Builder allows a user to easily select and add new products to a pre-configured loop. The product selection is supported by a variety of different filter options which facilitate user’s decisions.  It you are hesitant as to which the most appropriate product is, you can perform a quick check in the catalogue thanks to the built-in links for each product.


Loop Calculation

With the purpose of enhancing the efficiency of planning of loops and defining the number of devices which a loop can support, the load of the loop is graphically shown in real time. Each change in the loop type or in the number of devices gets reflected in the calculation, conducted in the background, ensuring that the loop has enough capacity for the selected devices.


Battery Calculation


The choice of a battery is also essential. Depending on the load of the loops, the additional consumers and the desired time for autonomous operation, automatic battery and power supply calculation is conducted. Through a graphic visualization, it is quickly and easily ensured that the right battery is chosen during the configuration of the panel.

Panel Selector & Configurator

Depending on the number of loops and devices, a fire control panel is automatically selected. This can manually be changed to any panel which is compatible with the selected configuration. Furthermore, different extensions for the fire panel and various accessories for the devices can be added.


Creation of Bill of Material (BOM) list

At the end of the process a Bill of Material list with the respective models of all components is created, allowing the user to manually add more devices from the catalogue or to choose accessories for the selected loop devices.


Creating Project Documentation


After defining all products and quantities, a complete project documentation can be created which contains the configuration, a list of the models of all devices as well as all calculation details. Additionally, all related technical documentation on the project, including the quantitative bill, information and declarations for the selected products and different installation instructions, can be downloaded, and added to the project.  


Direct Ordering via i-mall


Soon it will be possible the created bill of material to be sent to the i-mall platform to place an order. 

As the tool is brand new, it shall be subject to modification and improvement. Therefore, at this early stage it is recommended that the tool is used for rough planning of the system.

Fire System Builder is visible to all visitors to HIT. All users can directly work with the Cerberus FIT Fire System Builder. All external users need to request access to be able to use the Cerberus PRO variant.