Smarter Protection

Siemens offers state-of-the-art fire safety solutions for sustaining undisturbed spaces

  • Why smarter protection matters in fire safety?

  • How to protect smartly with Siemens’ groundbreaking solutions?

Protecting lives, assets and business continuity has long been the foundation of fire safety. This goal is unchanged, yet the advent of smart buildings and the increasing role of IoT-enabled fire-safety solutions means that the method of achieving this goal has certainly changed. 

Siemens connects technologies purposefully to help you protect people and buildings, all-year round, whilst sustaining undisturbed spaces. That is why Smarter Protection Matters.

All elements of protection from detection, alarming and evacuation, extinguishing to danger management and cloud solutions come together in one system which performs health checks while providing ongoing monitoring.


Smart fire-safety systems rely increasingly on cybersecurity


Siemens’ cloud-based solutions help you work more efficiently with enhanced serviceability, live monitoring and 24/7 remote access to your customers' fire safety system. The cloud is increasingly a central feature in our daily lives. In fire safety, it is providing solutions which are taking protection to the next level. Web portals provide secure connection with the cloud, while mobile apps are also gaining ground in ensuring a smoother commissioning and configuration of systems, as well as providing the opportunity to access information on fire-safety sites irrespective of your location. Strict built-in cybersecurity measures provide the peace of mind to use the apps to connect fire-protection systems to the cloud. They play a crucial role in preserving data confidentiality, integrity and availability.


IoT-enabled solutions help sustain undisturbed spaces


The inconvenience often associated with conducting devices’ health checks has long been an issue, particularly in public buildings. A maintenance visit for a fire-protection system in a hospital or hotel, for example, can be especially disruptive. Thanks to the latest technologies, these checks can now be conducted at any time, even during normal operating hours, sustaining undisturbed spaces.

Siemens next-generation detectors enable regular testing, significantly reducing downtime compared to a conventional testing regime. They work in the background, autonomously, silently and intelligently. With the cloud and the back-up of skilled engineers to provide the necessary remote maintenance and support, they work 24/7, continuously measuring and evaluating their own performance, anticipating failures, and predicting the need for maintenance checks.

High-tech solutions in Siemens’ fire safety portfolio


In addition to cloud-based and IoT-enabled solutions, Siemens offers other high-tech options for sustaining undisturbed spaces. 

Our portfolio includes automatic detectors covering the whole spectrum from simple to highly complex signal analysis, for guaranteed fault-free detection under all circumstances. We offer the optimal detector for all environments (health, data center, commercial buildings, etc.), thanks to our intelligent ASA detector that exactly matches the conditions on site.

The unique ASAtechnology (ASA = advanced signal analysis) from Siemens allows you to optimally adapt the detector to the current environmental conditions by simply choosing an application-specific ASA parameter set. ASAtechnology interprets and evaluates the signals in real time. This allows the detector to reliably distinguish between a real fire and deceptive phenomena such as dust, steam or gas. It prevents false alarms and the resulting costly business interruptions. 

Siemens’ X200 Gateway, which can be mounted inside or outside the fire control panel, offers a built-in and cost-effective connectivity.

ISOtechnology enables enhanced protection for a more reliable fire safety system. Besides, it preserves business continuity with superior protection due to faster trouble shooting and maintenance.


High-tech solutions and digitalization of fire safety are ultimately a chance to change the status quo and move towards a more contemporary, competent and rigorous approach to ensure year-round fire safety while sustaining undisturbed spaces.