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Siemens’ innovative BMS solutions for successful pharmaceutical projects

Siemens’ BMS creates optimal conditions for cultivating and processing of medical cannabis in North Macedonia

Building Products department of Smart Infrastructure division at Siemens EOOD provided state-of-the-art BMS solutions to six modern facilities for cultivation and processing of medical cannabis in North Macedonia. BMS integration was efficiently implemented by Siemens’ local partners - NALCO SYSTEMS D.O.O.E.L and TEHNOINSPEKT D.О.О., two of the market leaders in engineering integration. Siemens’ Partners did an outstanding job on the six completed projects and their high efficiency and expertise of Siemens’ Solution Partners prompted more investors to show interest in Siemens’ solutions.  Five new facilities are currently going through design and implementation stages. The projects are performed in the cities Skopje, Strumica, Štip, Ohrid, Kochani and Rosoman. The total value of Siemens’ orders exceeds € 1 mln.

Medical cannabis has a wide range of therapeutic benefits. According to clinical studies, it can alleviate serious medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS, epilepsy, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, anorexia, glaucoma, ext.

As a proof of its benefits, many countries have approved the use and cultivation of the plant for medical purposes. In March 2016 the cultivation of medical cannabis was allowed on the territory of North Macedonia with the adoption of a special law.  Cultivators are subject to strict checks, before being issued an official license. Recent research shows that the cultivation of medical cannabis is expected to go on expanding and to prove a blooming sector in the country in the next few years.

Like every pharmaceutical product, medical cannabis requires a specific environment which can maintain predetermined levels of certain parameters like lighting and ventilation as well as keep temperature within a set range of values. These conditions are met both in the greenhouses and in the laboratories where the product is studied, processed, and stored.

Beneficial climate in the greenhouses and optimal conditions in the „clean rooms“

Siemens’ BMS solutions contribute to creating a climate which facilitates the fast growth of medical cannabis in the greenhouses. They ensure strict monitoring and maintaining of different parameters such as CO2 levels, humidity, and temperature in the greenhouses within a set range of values. A major focus has been placed on the management of lighting which is also crucial to the growth of plants. Climate control has been realized with the help of specialized air handling units.

The processes related to studying, processing, and storing of medical cannabis are performed in “clean rooms” which are quite typical of the pharmaceutical industry. These spaces should meet strict conditions with respect to temperature, ventilation, humidity, and air pressure. “Critical environment” is also maintained which requires pressurization and fume hood control.

The optimal values of all these parameters are ensured by Siemens’ BMS platform – Desigo CC, which can be efficiently combined with Siemens’ „critical environment“ solutions.

In some of Siemens’ North Macedonian projects, in addition to optimal climate and lighting parameters, the BMS platform also integrates fire safety systems, video surveillance, access control with interlocks and power management which constitutes a complex building management solution. 

“Critical environment” integrated solutions

Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio оf room and building automation solutions for „critical environments“ of all sizes and complexity. The portfolio includes “clean rooms”, medical storehouses, laboratories, operating rooms, etc.  These solutions combine our range of reliable flow controllers and additional components for the safe, accurate, and fast measurement, control, and monitoring of volume flows and room pressures in buildings. An integrated solution like this is available only from Siemens, making for easier planning, faster delivery, seamless commissioning, and optimized performance.

For „critical storage” of pharmaceutical products like medical cannabis, Siemens offers a comprehensive portfolio, covering all stages of the lifecycle – from an initial assessment to developing a solution, complying with the long-term goals of the project. The final solution incorporates an engineered monitoring/control infrastructure and information management system that monitors, alarms, and reports on temperature in “critical storage” areas and helps you meet regulatory/accreditation requirements with the least amount of time and resources

The combination of Desigo CC and Siemens’ „critical environment“ solutions optimizes energy efficiency, safety, security and boosts comfort and flexibility.