Siemens Talent Development Program

Our most complete trainee program

Imagine starting your career before you’ve even finished college. With TDP, Siemens’ Talent Development Program, you’ll work with us alongside your studies, providing you with vital experience for when you graduate. 

On TDP, each day is a different opportunity for you to discover new activities, learn about important processes and build your professional network. 


During the program, we’ll rotate you throughout different departments so you can experience the variety of roles you can play in the company. We’ll decide these based on your skills and areas of interest. During the rotation period, you’ll learn more about how each area of Siemens works, its importance to the company, and how the work you do impacts others. Navigating through the different departments is also a great opportunity to make contacts, share experiences and discover new ways to work as a team.


You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in training hosted by the program collaborators. They’ll share their own experiences during their career at Siemens to help you prepare for any upcoming challenges you may face during yours.

Everything you learn can be transferred to your everyday activities at Siemens. You’ll also be invited to participate in corporate citizenship projects for social causes supported by the company. It’s projects like these where you can put the skills you’ve learned into practice.


If you’re looking for a program which prepares you for a career at Siemens and helps you deal with real-life challenges and development, join us.