AeroMACS: the system that facilitates operations at Galeão Airport

Siemens solutions implements operational communication and data digitalization for airport management

Vehicles, aircraft boarding stairs, radars and runway sensors: what if all this could generate information in real time to help operate an airport? This is what AeroMACS (Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System) does, Siemens’ new data digitalization system installed at Tom Jobim International Airport (also known as Galeão Airport) in Rio de Janeiro.

The system comprises broadband mobile communication technology that generates data and images in real time for airport operators, facilitating and optimizing all local management of the airport, which receives roughly 15 million passengers and operates more than 50 thousand flights annually.


The data is obtained through sensors and cameras installed both on mobile assets (passenger buses, runway operator vehicles, aircraft boarding stairs, etc.) and fixed assets (runway sensors and radars). The joint work carried out by Siemens’ Digital Industries and Smart Infrastructure areas allowed for the development of an integrated solution to satisfy specific needs of Galeão Airport.

How does it work in practice?

AeroMACS makes verifications currently done manually more reliable. One example is the runway water-level check that is done by operators and then informed to the control tower by radio – which may fail depending on local conditions.


Now, the vehicle itself that’s used to arrive at the measurement location is equipped with sensors and cameras that provide detailed and reliable information to runway operators and the control tower. More precise data translates into greater user safety.


Since an airport operation involves a lot of different tasks, the new system is sufficiently comprehensive to facilitate management as a whole. AeroMACS can facilitate vehicle monitoring, the flow of passengers in specific areas, control aircraft on runways, among other applications. The data collected satisfies current needs of the business and can help generate insights for future intelligence plans.


AeroMACS is currently being tested and its license is under analysis by entities like Anatel and ANAC. The system is expected to be approved by the end of 2019.

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