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By combining local market demands, the expertise of a global presence and a comprehensive portfolio, we make real what really matters for life.

New business models bringing the East and the West closer together

The project that started our operation in Brazil occurred in 1867, when we installed the country’s first major telegraph line, connecting Emperor D. Pedro II's residence in Rio de Janeiro to Rio Grande do Sul. It has now been 150 years of collaboration, reinforcing our long-term commitment with our partners.


We've created innovative solutions and the best technologies to make cities more resilient. With this, we've increased industrial competitiveness, carried out the energy transition in an efficient and reliable manner, modernized infrastructure and mobility, and contributed to Brazil's progress. We are executing projects in more than 200 countries on six continents, expanding business possibilities beyond Brazil's borders. 


Our country offers many investment opportunities and this puts us in a privileged position, in the crosshairs of big investors. With cutting-edge technology, a comprehensive portfolio, financial solutions, flexible service models and a global network of innovation, Siemens is establishing partnerships with high levels of cooperation and rigorous compliance policies. Since 2017, for example, we have been working with more than 100 Chinese companies to leverage opportunities in over 100 countries in all regions of the globe. 


Location and size of the challenge do not matter. We connect demands and solutions to explore potential business opportunities through open, fair and collaborative participation. We make real what's important for improving people's lives.


Count on our partnership. 




André Clark

President and CEO of Siemens Brazil 

Go Global.

Meet some Siemens partnerships with Chinese companies in Brazil and worldwide

Malaysia is the second-largest producer of oil and gas in southeast Asia,
the fluctuation of oil price raises new request for exploring added value of O&G.

How to sustain the prosperity of Malaysia oil economy?

Malaysia RAPID Project

Siemens worked with SEI to provide key equipments, including hydrogen make up compressors and hydrogen recycle compressors, to Malaysia Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project of PRETRONAS. The project is the largest downstream investment of PRETRONAS in Malaysia.

Bangladesh's expanding demand on electricity urgently requires capital and technology input to speed up the construction of power facilities.

How to light up every Bengali family?

Sirajganj combined cycle power plants in Bangladesh

In Sirajganj III which is contracted by CMC, Siemens Financial Services, through its in-house bank, Siemens Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank collaborated with project owner NWPGCL and CMC to help the project benefit from a multi-sourcing financing structure and achieve financial close.

Abu Dhabi is the transport hub of the Middle East, the expansion of trade scale poses a new challenge to the port's throughput.

How to make infrastructure contribute to a prosperous economy?

Automatic Wharf of Abu Dhabi Khalifa Port

Khalifa Port is the largest and most automated port in the Middle East. Siemens cooperated with ZPMC to provide automation equipments, including Sinamics S120 drives, to China COSCO Shipping's Khalifa Port Phase 2. By 2020, the annual capacity of Khalifa Port is expected to reach 6 million standard containers.

Turkey spans both Asia and Europe.
Its economy can benefit more from geopgraphical advantage.

How to win connections beyond borders?

Kazan soda ash project in Turkey

Siemens joined hands with TCC to help Turkey CINER Group build one of the world's largest soda ash factories. Siemens provided combined cycle power generation equipment, transformers and industrial drives and control systems. This greatly promoted exports of Turkey and created around 2,000 jobs.

Congo has abundant copper resources and can be mined more efficiently with modern technology.

How can copper resources bring wealth to Africa?

Congo SICOMINES copper mining project

At Kolwezi off the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Siemens provided control systems for processes including mining and beneficiation, as well as over 200 converters, to SICOMINES copper mining project, the largest copper mining project invested by Chinese companies in Africa.

Panama is known as the "bridge of the world", while the continuing rise in electricity demand has beset the tropical country.

How to build a power supply system
for general public?

Panama Martano CCPP project

Siemens will cooperate with SEC to design and establish a complete power island for Colón combined cycle power plant (CCPP) of Martano, Inc. at Panama. In the project, Siemens will provide industrial gas turbines with related generators, industrial steam turbine, control systems and etc. This plant will cover the power demand of about 1.9 million residents.

Brazil is a country of continental dimensions that contains one of the biggest petrochemicals of Latin America.

Creating synergies that break through the entire energy value chain.

Braskem’s energy-as-a-service project in Brazil

Siemens is building a cogeneration and steam power plant for Braskem, which is the biggest petrochemical in Latin America, located in São Paulo. They will also operate the mill. The deal includes products, solutions, and services that integrate the energy-as-a-service concept, meaning, that the customer receives energy without having to invest in it, build and operate a factory on its own. The project aims to reduce water consumption in 11,4% and 6,3% of CO2 emissions from the unit.

Connect, create and collaborate. 很高兴能有机会和您们合作

Combining local market demands, global network expertise and a complete portfolio, we make what matters for life.

Siemens Core Competences

Totally integrated solutions along the entire energy value chain

The energy value chain faces many challenges. From prospecting to the monitoring of networks in operation, to solutions that reduce energy consumption and costs. With major potential and a variety of sources, energy is one of the sectors that attracts the most investments.


Siemens Gas and Power focuses on helping customers deal with current and future demands of the energy market, and is the only company in the world capable of supplying totally integrated products, solutions and services for the value chain and for oil and gas production, be it generation, transmission, distribution or consumption.


Learn more about our complete portfolio, which includes innovative technologies for the oil and gas prospecting, extraction and production areas that maximize investment and minimize environmental impacts. The portfolio also includes energy generation products, such as turbines and generators, reliable transmission and distribution systems, remote monitoring and diagnostics.  

Production flexibility enabled by digitalization 

The Food and Beverage industry must be prepared for several challenges: starting with the need for high quality products, resource optimization, efficiency and traceability, to the daily need of adapting to increasingly-exigent consumer demands and wishes. Challenges that can only be overcome through digitalization of the sector, one of the most recognized by large international markets. Another challenge resides in better servicing the internal market, which could result in more exports.  


Find out more about our products and solutions that satisfy all the different demands to ensure the integration and digitalization of your entire value chain. The right products for all sorts of categories, such as breweries, beverages, agribusiness, dairy, edible oils, baking and even packaging.

Creating environments that matter

Ecosystems that intuitively respond to people's needs and utilize resources in the best manner possible. This is what industries and organizations want to be: efficient, responsible and intelligent. Better communities, more protected planet and better businesses for everyone. Concepts that generate opportunities and, with it, big investments.

From micro to macro, we possess a comprehensive portfolio that ranges from physical products, components and systems to connected and cloud-based digital services and offers. From intelligent network control and electrification to intelligent storage and building automation solutions, and systems controlled by keys, valves and sensors. Ready to service you in the best manner possible.

Thinking industry further

Think about the today. But especially about the tomorrow. The advancement of digitalization, coupled with the increased flexibility of production processes, offers new opportunities and options for industries all over the world. Industry 4.0 is faster, more flexible and more efficient. 


Additionally, every company has specific needs and demands that need to be addressed. In close cooperation with our partners and customers, we drive the digital transformation in process and discrete-manufacturing industries from various sectors and of all sizes, regardless of business area, allowing for the implementation of current and future technologies for automation and digitalization. 


Digital Twin, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Financial Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Mobile Communication are part of the Siemens portfolio that can be adapted to your specific needs. Take advantage of all the potential that Industry 4.0 has to offer and prepare for the next level in your journey towards the digital transformation.


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