Siemens at a glance. Our world is becoming ever more connected. Billions of intelligent devices and machines generate massive amounts of data, creating a bridge between real and virtual worlds. Turning these vast amounts of data into value is a key success factor. Watch the video to find out more.
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Find out more about the digital solutions that Siemens is today already able to offer the world of tomorrow – for more efficiency, sustainability and security.

Generating performance improvements

Only companies with advanced software, equipment and user know-how can generate performance improvements across the entire value chain, for themselves and their customers.

The increasing convergence of the physical and virtual worlds offers boundless opportunities in almost all areas of society.

The increasing convergence of the physical and virtual worlds offers boundless opportunities in almost all areas of society.

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Intelligent building technologies reduce energy costs by up to 40%.


Intelligent traffic control systems reduce congestion, accidents and CO2 emissions by up to 20%.


Self-learning software can predict the electricity output from renewable sources over a 72-hour period with 90% accuracy.


Smart grid technologies enable the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid at up to 40% lower costs.


Intelligent data management systems can reduce laboratory test errors by 73%.


Software accelerates cardiac CT examination reporting by an average of 77%.


PLM software and automation reduce time to market by up to 50%.


TIA portal reduces engineering costs by up to 30%.

In depth

The digital leap – Realizing greater efficiencies by merging the real and virtual worlds

Our world is becoming increasingly digitized, from personal devices to complex systems in industry.

Sensors and actuators in gas turbines, trains or manufacturing collect data, monitor conditions, automate functions and optimize processes by utilizing the possibilities of the digital twin as well as consistent data models. Advanced algorithms, high-powered computing, better connectivity and cloud storage all facilitate the emergence of smart systems. Knowing how to leverage the respective opportunities, however, requires a unique set of skills. Siemens has the engineering, domain and digital know-how to generate performance improvements across the entire value chain, from design to production and operations to maintenance.

Design & Engineering – Accelerated product design and time-to-market

Digital simulation technology radically accelerates the plant design, the installation and commissioning as well as the entire product design and production planning process. Multiple products can be virtually compared, tested and assessed within a short period of time.

Production & Operations – Digital technologies optimize efficiency and resilience

Multiple components in systems and plants can be intelligently networked to communicate with each other and exchange real-time data. The analysis of this data optimizes systems for improved flexibility, efficiency and resilience in response to unforeseen disruptions.

Machine learning makes complex systems more efficient without human intervention – through the use of data, high performance computing and advanced intelligent algorithms. Wind turbines, for example, can increase electricity output by comparing operating data with weather data and making necessary adjustments.

Maintenance & Service –­ Intelligent analysis for minimum downtimes

Digital services quickly detect and resolve issues. The intelligent analysis of operational data helps identify patterns and predict potential downtimes. Minimum downtimes boost reliability thanks to lifecycle services.  

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The future is digital

Be it a power plant, transport network, or a commercial/industrial facility, digitalization makes manufacturing, energy systems and infrastructure more efficient, reliable and future-proof.

Digitalization surveys

Siemens has conducted customer surveys on digitalization in several countries.

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