More products in less time

Integrating development engineering with product engineering is one of the hallmarks of the new industrial revolution. By means of scanning tools, this vehicle company has achieved this.
Integration and fluency

Focus on the life cycle

Comil, which is one of Brazil's largest bus manufacturers, needed a solution that integrated its product and development engineering systems to increase information flow and shorten time to market. A product lifecycle management technology was used to solve the challenge.

Speed ​​in development and more quality in processes

The Comil Ônibus S.A., located in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, has a complete and modern double-decker (DD - Double Deck), long distance luxury, intermunicipal / charter, urban and micro buses. With customers in more than 30 countries, the company produces between 4 and 5 vehicles per day, with 3 road vehicles per day.

Considering the need to reduce the time between product development and its entry into the market, which is an important demand to continue outstanding in the segment, the company had to overcome some challenges: integrating the development and product engineering, centralizing all the engineering activities in a single environment, optimizing workflow and production time, and reducing rework and loss of information between processes.

At that time, the Comil scenario showed a development team using 3D software for the creation of projects and engineering teams supported in 2D programs provided by different companies. With this, the information was not unified and had no flow between the two sectors. The solution was to implement a technology that would integrate the entire process, allowing the two groups to work together as a single entity. And allowing the system, in future projects, to use the generated knowledge to save time and resources, once the projects don’t have to start from scratch.

The option to consolidate the project was the adoption of NX and Teamcenter software, both from Siemens PLM, a specialist in solutions for product lifecycle management. NX acts in the product development stages, such as design, modeling and simulation, all integrated with Teamcenter. This solution assists the flow of information, eliminating the need for managing the complex relationships between all the integrated equipment.

It didn’t take long for the results: reduced project development time (from two years to eight months), reduction of engineering errors by 70%, productivity increase by almost 100%.

Comil Ônibus S.A.


Reduce the time between product development and market entry


Deploy technology that integrates the engineering processes of product development and engineering