Joining forces to combat energy losses

Non-technical losses in power distribution occur for several reasons. Among them, the high volume of meter fraud and stealing of energy (deviation and irregular links) appear as the main ones, resulting in losses for the concessionaires. Intelligent metering technologies have been constituted as crucial resources of the concessionaires to reduce this incidence.

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In the Northern Region of Brazil, the irregular connections, popularly known as "cats" are responsible for losses of up to 22%. In the Northeast, these losses are approximately 10%.   To solve this problem that impacts not only the energy concessionaires but the society, Eletrobras developed the Energy + Project.

Efficient management

The size of the region was a challenge: to combat non-technical losses and to improve the operational and financial performance of Eletrobras Distribuição in the Brazilian states of Acre, Alagoas, Amazonas, Piauí, Rondônia, and Roraima.


The high number of non-technical losses has many negative consequences not only for companies but also for the population. Firstly, legal consumers end up paying the bill for the irregular ones, since part of the losses result in electric energy charges. Another downside is that illegal connections can cause accidents and fires. Moreover, because they are not concerned about saving energy, irregular consumers are against environmental and social goals of reducing the emission of pollutants in power generation.


The efficient management of the electric network increases the reliability of the services provided by the concessionaires and reduces the cost to the consumer.

To achieve its objectives, Eletrobras has invested in intelligent metering technologies that monitor and analyze real-time consumption information, showing possible abnormalities in the network.


One of the highlights of the Energy + Project is the Intelligent Measurement Center (CIM), which has an advanced Meter Data Management (MDM) system. The designed platform is capable of providing information management, detecting irregularities, measuring different tariff positions and making everything available to billing areas and other distribution systems.


Not only: the smart measurement technologies implemented in the project add value and optimize the service provided to the final consumer, improving the reliability and excellence of the system. Besides, Eletrobras can count on a better management of the commercial processes, accompanying the activities of measurement, collection, detection of fraud and quality of energy in real time.


Developed and implemented by Siemens, Meter Data Management enables utilities to reduce direct costs, optimize resources, improve transparency and data management, and increase delivery quality through real-time monitoring and analysis. The EnergyIP MDM system implemented by the Energy + Project has intelligent algorithms, commands, and alarms. The system allows the monitoring of measurement points by telemetry, identifying inconsistencies between billing and consumption information, and also enables the use of fraud-proof meters to prevent future tamperings.

Energy + Project

Reduction of total losses and improvement of service quality in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil (Eletrobras distributors in the states of Amazonas, Alagoas, Acre, Piauí, Rondônia, and Roraima)