Higher revenue with cleaner energy

The world's biggest cellulose producer needed to increase its production, generate more clean energy and increase revenue. To solve this question, two steam turbines were used.

The biggest gets even better

Increasing cellulose production, overcoming energy self-sufficiency and marketing the surplus to the grid is possible.     


Being a world leader in the production of eucalyptus cellulose could be a reason to settle. But Fibria, on the other hand, launched its Horizonte 2 Project and invested in its facility in Três Lagoas (MG), in the Center-West region of Brazil, expanding the production of 5.3 million tons of cellulose per year to more than 7 million and increasing the generation of electric energy.

More cellulose and more energy

The customer's challenge was to expand the production of eucalyptus cellulose, even though it was already the largest producer in the world. To this end, Fibria chose to build a second production line at the facility located in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso do Sul. This was the challenge: to increase even more its power generation.



The objective was to produce a surplus of 120 MW of energy. This volume would be enough to supply a city with about 500 thousand inhabitants. The measure contributes to increasing the percentage of clean energy in the Brazilian electricity grid by using biomass as a renewable source.



To support this decision, Fibria relied on Siemens to supply two steam turbines: one with a back pressure of 128 MW and a condensing one with a capacity of 149 MW. Together, they boost the generation capacity to almost 280 MW, which exceeds the needs of the plant in addition to generating and consuming its own energy. The Fibria's new production line in Três Lagoas will have a surplus of 130 MW, which will contribute to the Brazilian energy balance.

Siemens has technical training and equipment of high quality and reliability. As Fibria buys performance, the Siemens' proposal has presented the best performance value over time.
Wellington Giacomin, Director of Logistics and Supplies at Fibria.

Fibria - Horizonte 2 project

  • Increase in production
    of eucalyptus cellulose

    considering all the units of the company
  • 1,3 million/year

  • 1,95 million/year

Own power generation

Two steam turbogenerators, with capacities of 128 MW and 149 MW.
Almost 280 MW, with 130 MW contributing to the Brazilian energy balance.