Sustainable energy. Meeting the challenges of a sustainable energy system

 To ensure an efficient and reliable power supply, both now and in the future, Siemens offers its customers a wide range of digital products, technologies, and solutions – from the virtual power plantto intelligent grid management and innovative storage solutions. 
In depth

Intelligent technologies for sustainable energy

A reliable power supply is the basis for prosperity. With its innovative technologies, products, and solutions, Siemens is helping to close the gaps in energy supply and make production, transmission, and distribution smarter. Together with our customers, we analyze their requirements for energy systems and develop tailored solutions that address their challenges along the entire value chain. Siemens' portfolio includes technology and expertise for an economically efficient and reliable power supply, which accounts for resource scarcity and helps to protect the climate.

Energy management – crucial for stable grids

Because renewable power generation affects grid stability, a special challenge for power supplies involves maintaining a balance between production/transmission capacities and demand. Fluctuations in the power supplied by wind and photovoltaic installations demand intelligent energy management. Smart grid technologies can mitigate the effects of fluctuating power feed-in by incorporating many small generation units in the grid.


Virtual power plants also help to stabilize the grid. These are software systems that automate the interplay of a wide number of power producers and consumers. Virtual power plants bring together many small plants to produce a single, major power plant – without any serious feed-in fluctuation.


Lastly, energy storage systems maintain grid stability. Siemens supplies battery tanks and conducts research with partners into processes such as electrolysis, which converts current into hydrogen. In this way, excess electricity produced by wind turbines could be stored or converted into valuable chemical products such as ammonia.