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One of the main challenges of the industry is to develop its processes, improve productivity and quality while reducing costs becomes more necessary.
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COMOS – Integrated project management

COMOS is an engineering software developed to process industries and which includes CAE (Computer Assisted Engineering), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and DMS (Document Management System) components.


COMOS ensures the integrated management of a project, since its planning to its maintenance. With an innovative approach, COMOS allows the application of concurrent engineering, where flowcharts and engineering data can be manipulated by many engineers, technicians, and designers at the same time.


COMOS is the only available solution in the market using a single database for all its disciplines, which assures total collaboration and transference of updated and reliable data between all disciplines and during a plant’s total life cycle.

Comos - Portfolio

COMOS' multidisciplinary portfolio is split into modules, that cover process and automation areas such as FEED, P&IDs, EI&C, and logic planning, as well as 3D field, which holds original model conversion, virtual reality visualization, and the possibility of doing pieces of training with an avatar, all integrated or independent of 2D data.

Our innovative portfolio can be applied to any step of the project, from detailing to construction, and from commissioning to operation/maintenance, supporting data integration along the whole project's life cycle. Our unified data platform provides plant's engineers, construction companies, and operators with an uninterrupted information flow and relevant data on the project.

COMOS can be also connected e synchronized to several solutions such as ERP and DCS, as well as native interfaces with other software as PCS7, OpenPlant, SAP, Aveva PDMS, etc.


Smart operation with XHQ

The XHQ is a smart operational solution which monitors in real time all operational and business information of one or more industrial plants.

For more than 15 years in the market and present in more than 600 companies around the world, the XHQ has been helping managers and teams in making decisions, reducing costs and improving productivity.

The XHQ enables visualization of smart information from diverse data sources when taking precise decisions.

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  • Real-time monitoring to all information of your business
  • Integrating information from any source
  • Mobility - accessing data on notebooks, tablets, or smartphones
  • Alerts to operations that exceed pre-established limits


3D visualization with COMOS Walkinside

The Walkinside is the software for visualizing COMOS 3D. By using smart 3D patterns, the Walkinside is the key solution to visualize a plant in virtual reality. Accessing the plant information in real-time it is possible to visualize its current status, opening the way to operators so they can make smarter and faster decisions.

    COMOS Walkinside is the ideal solution for:
  • Visualizing 3D models
  • Immersive training in 3D systems (ITS)
  • Simulation, planning, and execution of processes both in individual modes or teams
  • Mapping potential conflicts, whether it is engineering or operation
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The best choice to your project

Ensuring that the engineering of your project is integrated and contains consistent information, as well as offering security and efficiency to operations is something which only the COMOS software can provide. Find out more about our solutions and don't miss the chance to put your company on the top of the market, spend less time in project execution, reduce costs, get reliable and reusable data and documents and certifying operations security.

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