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SINUMERIK Edge for digitalization of the machine tool

Quality monitoring and productivity increase through high-frequency data
Check out the new blog article from our SINUMERIK Edge expert, Tilman Resch.

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At a glance

New capabilities for the machine tool

With edge computing, data is processed decentrally at the point of origin. The SINUMERIK Edge is a specification of the Siemens Industrial Edge platform, with which you can tap the full potential of your machine tools. It offers access to all available machine data, with up to 1000 values per second per variable. The intelligent processing of this data enables optimization of process quality, increased machine availability and higher machine productivity. The safe and scalable platform extends your machine tools by additional functions and ensures the smooth operation of your production. Find out how you can expand your machines with edge computing and how edge apps deliver monetary added value. Take the path to your digital future with Siemens and SINUMERIK Edge - flexible and future-proof.

Leverage the benefits of SINUMERIK Edge

Your machines are producing huge amounts of data – but how to make best use of it? SINUMERIK Edge helps you collect, process, and analyze the data. Specific apps provide you with new knowledge from your data.
Harnessing data

SINUMERIK Edge applications push manufacturing to excellence

SINUMERIK Edge allows to use data efficiently and sensibly. You can use our specific application for a number of different tasks, or develop your own apps for customized tasks.

Make complex data tangible

Large volumes of data only become valuable when they are processed sensibly. This is where SIMUMERIK Edge comes into play. Workpiece quality and process quality are the first major value drivers. Data enable continuously monitoring of quality in parallel to production. Technical machine availability is the second value driver. A mechanical fingerprint of the machine allows to precisely monitor its condition and to optimize maintenance accordingly. The third value drivers are efficiency and flexibility that benefit from a new understanding of process-critical variables, which provides huge increases of efficiency and flexibility. 

SINUMERIK Edge applications from Siemens

Siemens offers a broad range of Edge apps for a variety of use cases. Find out how they can help you optimize the productivity of your machine tools.

Collect and analyze machine tool data

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Capture is able to access high-frequency data via the SINUMERIK Edge platform interface. Users of machine tools can record the collected data of workpiece, tool and tool path in big temporal resolution. The user himself decides which data are to be collected and when, i.e. for selected work steps or above certain thresholds. The recorded data can be imported into the shop floor management application Analyze MyWorkpiece/Toolpath for visualization and analysis. The version “Capture4Analysis” allows to analyze the data with any application.

Quality monitoring of workpieces

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Monitor provides quality monitoring in parallel to production. The user can decide which process steps and variables are to be monitored. Typical use cases are the validation of workpiece quality and identification of tool wear. This allows to minimize waste, increase tool life, and ensure an overall higher process quality. Typically monitored variables are positions, flows, and control deviations, using Six Sigma methods and artificial intelligence in future. The user will be able to configure the application to a high degree. 

AI-based quality monitoring

Analyze MyWorkpiece /Vision is able to analyze workpiece quality with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and thus contributes to increased productivity of the machine tool. By using a camera image, the AI-based software is able to recognize if the right workpiece is at the right position in the machining area, and it’s more precise than the human eye. If the position is correct, processing can start. Wear of the tool can be monitored as well. Additionally, the camera transmits the work process live from the machining area and documents all image data. Analyze MyWorkpiece/Vision assures work and process quality and allows more efficient resource use thanks to detection of tool wear. Configuration of the application is tailored to the machine operator who can benefit from artificial intelligence without the need of extensive expert knowledge. Setting up jobs is easy, too, allowing easy integration into the manufacturing process.

Optimal motion control for trochoidal milling

Conventional milling is used frequently but lacks efficiency due to high machining forces and large warp angles; in contrast, trochoidal milling uses optimized toolpaths. However, the CNC programs created in CAM systems can use the maximum CNC performance only partially, because constant braking at line-arc-transitions causes unfavorable speed profiles. Optimize MyMachining /Trochoidal provides a systems solution that allows programming directly at the machine without the need of a CAM system, thus enabling optimal motion control.

Condition-based maintenance

With the help of Analyze MyMachine /Condition it’s possible to use high-frequency data of the CNC in order to get a mechanical fingerprint of the machine tool. The fingerprint provides information about the wear and maintenance requirement of the machine, thus enabling condition-based maintenance and high machine availability. By frequently monitoring the machine’s condition and comparing it with a reference condition it becomes possible to detect critical deviations early and prevent loss of production thanks to needs-based maintenance. The related MindSphere application Analyze MyMachine /Condition enables to assess and analyze the condition of the connected machinery at a glance.

Custom connectivity

How to connect your machine tool to the Siemens Edge Computing solution

Discover new possibilities for data processing on the machine

Edge devices are versatile interfaces

SINUMERIK Edge is already compatible with most common SINUMERIK controls and with many third-party controls. The interfaces are constantly being expanded with the aim of enlarging the number of connectable controls.

The SINUMERIK adapter, an edge service, enables high-frequency drive data to be accessed directly from the NCK. In addition, the BTSS interface is accessed and thus all available low-frequency signals and alarms, for example. The OPC-UA client of the SINUMERIK Edge extends compatibility and offers, for example, access from data of Powerline machines. PLC data can be accessed via the S7 connector. Other adapters for connecting third-party controls and for connecting sensors via TCP / IP as a standard interface are also in the planning.

SINUMERIK Edge devices are managed centrally via a uniform backend system. New versions of the operating system, new applications and updates can be distributed to SINUMERIK Edge Devices in a quick and easy way.

Users can also write their own applications. This is done using an app software development kit, which is available for download free of charge. Here you can program in common high-level languages ​​such as C ++, Python and JavaScript. With a backend feature, the apps can then be uploaded and distributed to the Edge devices. So, you can develop tailor-made apps for your requirements and efficiently distribute installations and updates via the edge management system.

SINUMERIK Edge in practice

Application examples of SINUMERIK Edge

The use of data differs from company to company and from market to market. Find out how various companies have already integrated SINUMERIK Edge into their workflows and how they took advantage of their machine data.

blog article

Check out the new blog article from our SINUMERIK Edge expert, Tilman Resch.

He shares his thoughts about the benefits of digitalization on the shop floor, data analytics, and the added value by Siemens’ SINUMERIK Edge apps.  

blog article