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Automation systems for the process industry: Optimum performance for every application

Automation task, application area and performance requirements determine the choice of suitable hardware for process automation. CPU performance, communication interfaces and special features such as fail-safe should match the respective application perfectly. The SIMATIC S7-400 and AS 410 automation systems from Siemens, which can be flexibly configured, are suitable for demanding applications in the process industry. They are used thousands of times and are appreciated around the globe.

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SIMATIC – for many, this is the epitome of reliable control systems. The first programmable logic controllers (PLCs) from Siemens came onto the market more than 40 years ago. Since then you have experienced constant improvement and differentiation. Today, the scalable portfolio of the SIMATIC family ensures an optimal solution for every application area. Our modular systems are not only extremely robust, but also highly flexible. Two product lines are particularly suitable for the often more demanding tasks of the process industry - and in some cases the manufacturing industry as well: SIMATIC S7-400 controllers and the SIMATIC AS 410 automation system.

The AS 410 automation system is the preferred system for plants with process control technology from Siemens. These automation systems are scalable and designed for different safety and availability levels - from the cost-effective standard solution for small and medium-sized plants to redundant systems for large production plants. The CPU 410-5H is currently the fastest and most powerful controller on the market. The performance is scaled according to the number of process objects. This enables a single hardware and firmware platform to cover all deployment scenarios, application sizes and performance ranges.

  • Powerful
    The innovative CPU 410-5H Process Automation is currently the fastest and most powerful controller with support for redundant PROFINET configurations and Field Interface Security for process automation. It thus covers the entire performance range of the conventional SIMATIC S7-400 automation systems AS 412 to AS 417.
  • Robust
    The robust SIMATIC PCS 7 controller is designed for industrial 24-hour continuous operation. It withstands high temperature, vibration, shock and EMC requirements and has an conformal coating on the printed circuit boards and electronic components.
  •  Flexible
    Depending on the number of process objects, the required processor power is released or extended to the maximum as required - without hardware replacement! The controller can also be used in a wide variety of applications in an automation project: Standard, fault tolerant or with integrated safety.

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Industrial security is a dynamic topic. Potential hazards, security risks and defensive measures are constantly changing. Siemens has implemented comprehensive security measures and functions to better protect process plants. Several security certificates are available for the CPU 410:


  • Security Development Assessment
    Siemens was the first company to receive TÜV SÜD certification based on IEC 62443-4-1 for the comprehensive development process of Siemens automation and drive technology products. This represents an important security component for the "Defense in Depth" protection concept.
  • Functional Security Assessment
    The CPU 410 is an essential component of the proven SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system. In the product certification according to IEC 62443-4-1 and 62443-3-3, TÜV SÜD tested and confirmed the security functions implemented in the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.
  • Communication Robustness
    Siemens was the first automation technology manufacturer to receive both the ACHILLES Level 2 certificate for Communication Robustness and the CAC certificate from the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) for the CPU 410.


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Your controller for smaller SIMATIC PCS 7 applications: The CPU 410 E is specially designed for process automation with SIMATIC PCS 7 and can be used flexibly with its robust high-performance hardware - even under demanding conditions. Two PROFINET interfaces communicate right into the field.


Embedded systems consist of hardware and software and are preconfigured and ready for use for every automation task. Every embedded system combines the openness of PC-based with the robustness of conventional controllers. Due to their excellent physical properties and their small dimensions, they are particularly suitable for small applications and in areas close to plants.

SIMATIC S7-400 controllers stand for investment security. Siemens is further developing the SIMATIC S7-400 series. You too can benefit from the consistency of the automation system - both in the manufacturing and in the process industry. The S7-400 is particularly suitable for data-intensive tasks in the process industry. High processing speeds and deterministic reaction times also ensure short machine cycle times for fast machines in the manufacturing industry.


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Thanks to high communication performance and integrated interfaces, the SIMATIC S7-400 is optimally prepared for big tasks, such as the coordination of complete systems. The performance is scalable thanks to a graduated CPU spectrum, the capacity for distributed I/O is almost unlimited. In addition, modules can be disconnected and connected under voltage (hot swapping). This makes it very easy to expand systems or replace assemblies. The right automation system can be found for every industrial application, depending on performance, quantity structure and communication interface requirements. From the inexpensive entry level for smaller plants in the lower performance range with limited peripheral expansion, to the "high-end" range for large compound plants with very computing-intensive tasks and almost unlimited processing of process signals.     


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The profitability of a plant depends directly on the availability of the production, the production lines or even entire plant components - and thus on the designed automation system. With SIMATIC S7-400H, Siemens offers a high-availability automation system that minimizes the probability of a production downtime to 0% - and thus makes a decisive contribution to maximum productivity. Here, too, the appropriate controller for your individual performance requirements can be selected from the CPU 412-5H to the CPU 417-5H. Plant operators benefit from the SIMATIC S7-400 series in the long term. These automation systems are constantly innovated and are always state of the art.         


SIMATIC S7-400F automation systems meet the highest safety requirements: The F-systems detect critical conditions in the plant at an early stage and, if necessary, automatically recondition them into a safe state. This minimizes the risks for people, the environment and the plant. The fail-safe S7-400 systems stand for compliance with relevant standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 62061 to SIL 3 as well as EN ISO 13849-1 to category 4 PL e. In addition, these automation systems are available in the high-availability variant S7-400FH. 





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