Tips and tricks with TIA Portal

Tobias Schuh alias Mister Automation kennt alle Tipps und Tricks für das TIA Portal

Mr. Automation reveals how you can get the most out of the TIA Portal

Hardly anyone knows the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) better than Tobias Schuh –otherwise known as Mr. Automation. He’s already made life easier for many automators with his tips and tricks. He knows the routines and shortcuts that lead to better results faster, and shares them with you on this website, on Twitter and LinkedIn, and in his YouTube videos.

TIA Portal expert

Mr. Automation: The TIA Portal expert reveals his tricks

On his social media channels, TIA Portal expert Tobias Schuh, alias Mr. Automation, shares useful tips and tricks, and shows you how to use them. He shares an ongoing series of posts on LinkedIn and Twitter with the hashtag #TIAtips to make your work easier.

Get to know Mr. Automation

Mr. Automation shows you how to work with the TIA Portal more easily and efficiently to boost your productivity. For more than ten years, Tobias Schuh has been working for Siemens, where he has collaborated on projects including the development of the TIA Portal. That adds up to a wealth of accumulated inside knowledge, which he shares in the form of postings and videos. You can also catch the occasional glimpse behind the scenes if you follow him on his social media channels.

Collection of tips

An extensive collection of tips for downloading

Benefit from the constantly growing compendium of tips and tricks on the TIA Portal, where you’ll find valuable inside knowledge, arranged clearly, and available whenever you want it.

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If you’d like access to the tips and tricks from Mr. Automation whenever you want it, just download the collection for yourself. It’s constantly being updated to include the latest tips so you’re always up to speed. The document is clearly arranged in chapters, illustrated, with accurate descriptions.


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Whether you prefer reading or watching videos: Mr. Automation makes it easy for you to keep up to date at all times. Just follow him on social media and never miss another valuable tip.


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